Saturday, March 30, 2013

date night.

anne had a sleepover last week.
sweet kate remembered that when she went to debbie's for a sleepover anne got to go on a date with us.
well, we had to oblige.
so we got dressed up and went.
so fun. she was so sweet.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Slight Confusion....

Surely, dear sweet Mother Nature is CONFUSED!  Since this is what she delivered yesterday over a 12 or so hour period.  While it is a complete bummer, since it is officially is truly the most beautiful snow I think I have ever witnessed. 

Happy Spring!
~Chat soon!

Monday, March 18, 2013


This past weekend we boarded a train.
All four of us.
We checked our phones into our bags and focused on a family fun weekend.
The four of us headed to Springfield, IL to visit the hometown of Abraham Lincoln.
I had overheard several of my students talking about it...did some investigating and realized this was a perfect 'spring break' trip for us!
We also decided to take the Amtrack.  What fun!

We left Friday afternoon and got to Springfield early evening.  The hotel had a pool-the kids were beside themselves.  We ate at a 'fancy restaurant' and had dessert (not a common thing at restaurants for us.)  After dinner we headed straight to the pool-not a favorite place of mine, in the middle of a long midwest winter...I joked that I forgot my suit...we got everything unpacked and I FORGOT ADAMS SUIT BUT REMEMBERED MINE!  nice. 
As luck would have it....the girls swam nicely with us just being on the edge and not having to get in. :)

Saturday, we visited Lincoln's home, took in the St. Patricks Day Parade, and then headed to the Lincoln Museum.  All of the visits were absolutely awesome. Just amazing. 

Sunday we spent a little more time in the pool and then boarded the train for was sad to leave, but I always smile to myself when the girls cry on departure-it means we had a great time!

If you ever have the HAVE to go check out the Lincoln Museum.  Even if you're not a history buff-just do it!  Trust me! :)
awaiting the excited

trying out the camera

Kodak moment

nope. hated the idea of getting on the train...can't you tell?

what's in there? she said...we said YOU WERE JUST IN THERE!!!!  she just laughed.  oi

ready to board.

checkin' it out...

critiquing photos.

we had made it and not one wanted their photo taken.  but i had too.

being sworn in as jr. rangers

the Lincoln home- in the spot that over 100,000 people have taken this photo

the family room-

lincoln had to sit on the floor-he was too tall to fit in the chairs.  he also taught his children about other cities in 3D by the brown box on the table.

The master suite-but Mrs. Lincoln had her own room-only if you were rich enough.  interesting.

 vanity table

the parade-we all looked so silly. but had a great time.  sooo cold.

missed the beginning of the flag.  got choked up, couldn't get my camera out fast enough.

the girls loved the parade.  loved it. 

love this kid.

bag pipers.  or gas pipers as kate says. :)

and then the bands played....

so excited. even with the cold.

dressing up like mary todd.

and Mr. Abe himself

a replica of Lincoln's boyhood home.  so cool.

the statues were 'wax' cool.

the family pic. with the Lincoln's.  love it.

we got to take a taxi to the train station from the hotel-it was the girls dream come true. :)

waiting for the train-loooking at the capital.

kate was BUSY!

waiting for the train home-

home again, home again..jiggidy jig.

Best time ever.