Saturday, May 31, 2014

much better

well. yesterday, was by far, much better in our world then thursday.
the steroids are helping my puffy eye issue.  my body wasn't reacting so angrily to the roids. (holy roid rage....they aren't kidding about that....)
the girls slept till 8:15am.  BIG DEAL.
we got up, and headed to the strawberry patch!
last year, was the first time in my working memory I have been berry picking.  I just love it. 
so do the girls....
we had a great time.
we didn't make jam this year, I wasn't very good at it last year, and the berries are just so delicious and beautiful, I didn't want to waste them on jam, I can't seem to get right.  we cut up most of them and froze them....yummo!

~chat soon!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

well this is fantastic....

look what I looked like this morning....
I once again, got myself into some poison something or another....and once again, my body FREAKS OUT!
started with an itchy eye yesterday that was a little puffy.
woke up in the night to the darn thing being SEALED SHUT!
got up, washed my hair, called a friend to watch the girls, and drove my happy self to the Urgent Care.  where they all said...OHHHHHH  MYYYYYYY.....always comforting when your eye is 4 times the size and a dripping mess.
verdict-contact dermatitis...prescribed a hefty steroid, which is already causing me to be a little nuts.
hopefully by tomorrow I will begin feeling some relief. 
or I may go nuts.  for real.

Monday, May 12, 2014

a little market fun.


I couldn't resist.  just popped out of the cage when we walked by.

yummo eggs.

we found a birthday cake.  hoping this summer we can go on a few cake scavenger hunts.

kate had to blow out the candle.

some root veggies.  :)
I LOVE Farmers Market.  Just love the place. 
I could go every weekend.
I think people see me with my camera and say WHATAWERIDO.
but that's okay...I always find fun things to see.

~chat soon.

Sunday, May 11, 2014


here is a little peek at kate.
she is 6 1/2. ten days from being a kindergarten graduate.
kate makes us smile each and every day.  thousands of times.
she talks non stop. and I mean non stop.
and we love it.

I snapped these pictures of her last weekend when we were all outside.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

me casa-CHICK casa....

I have no Spanish speaking history, so I really have no idea if the title makes sense...but to me it is funny.

this weekend was operation construct chicken coop.
adam and kate worked hard on it last weekend.
this past weekend was an all hands on deck kind of deal.
adam is constructing the whole deal from his 'mind'.
which means there may or may not be be snappy type conversation between he and I...when I can't read his mind.  BUT it's an endearing quality and we got through it.

adam is trying to comfort me by saying they are in the 'teenage' years of chickens, meaning awkward and annoying....I hope this phase goes quick, because they aren't super cute, and they look like BIRDS!  NOT chickens.

this is the progression of the chicken castle so far.
they need a new place asap, as they are getting very big, and very flappy.  they really enjoy perching as soon as the top comes off the cage....oi!