Sunday, September 30, 2012

a weekend get-away.

this past friday, both girls had early dismissal.
adam has had the itch for a family weekend and said 'figure something out.'
since fall is here, there was only one thing.  trout lodge.
we picked the girls up, and told them where we were going.
so cute.  they yelled and danced and gasped. and then quickly figured out the agenda.
we had a blast. as always.
already trying to figure out when we can go's just a great place for a family to focus on just that, family, and fun.
kate gave archery a try

it's a tough thing to do....

look at their faces. darling. t hey had it going on!

we all needed a refresher....anne did good again.

she is such a try-er

she mastered A TWO WHEELER!  right before our very eyes. on concrete....

she dabbled this summer, but we are the real deal here...folks.

daddy yelling KEEP GOING KEEP GOING!

kate figured out training wheels....

she kept saying 'i can't believe it...are you proud of me....i can't believe it...'
post dinner...crafts.  birdhouses.

daddy had to put them together...

night time crafts after graduating to a 2 wheeler...seriously. heaven.

amazing morning view....

went to the ranch for pony (horse) rides and hayrides...we were on some sort of a log that had saddles....

a pony (horse) named gus.

daddy made her do this. she thought it was fruit. 

my sweetie. on the hayride.
poodle skirt was either 50 or 60's weekend...can't remember.

next stop. boat float. pontoon ride with root beer floats.

anne got to drive the boat

hysterical.  he rowed like 3 times and said....that boat is too small for me. ha.

she's never scared.  always willing...

whoop whoop! she did it.

not into the kyak idea....but loved digging in the sand.

beastly full moon....

campfire....lots of movement=horrid photo.

so fun. memories came flooding back of all the fun campfires i have been too.

girls loved it.  smores.
 ~chat soon.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

just a normal day....

sunday, after church, anne played outside. 
she ate lunch outside.
she came in twice to go potty.
then she went back outside until six pm.
the light was so wonderful, the air was crisp...
it was a perfect day for a  7 year old.
anne on the the magical light hour of 5:45
~chat soon!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

walking the walk...

2 weeks from today...
we will be joining thousands of others for the fourth (2009,  2010, 2011) year in the walk for the cure of juvenile (type 1) diabetes.
it's always so much fun.
we have a great team this year...20+ strong who have been money making fools...we have $2,000 raised and still have quite a bit of time to go.
it's always so fun.  if you are interested in joining our team OR donating to the cause, contact me.
~Chat soon

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

well, well put....

a distant cousin of mine posted this link on facebook....
it was about motherhood, that always gets me linked in....
wowsers....seriously, this person was speaking to ME.
i could go on and on and on and on and on.....and on about how inadequate i feel lately.
i won't....
i met with some fellow 2nd grade mommas on friday which is extreme therapy for me.
we met up with some fellow 2nd grade parents/mommas (dads were in the corner doing whatever dads do in the corner...) at a social event....totally more therapy.
i have a great group of coworkers that all discuss the current events of motherhood...
and after all of it....
this chick nailed it.

read it here....

i mean it...i'm not the bossy type but if you haven't come across this and you have mothered any day of your THIS!  seriously.
i sat with my mouth open saying...HOWDOYOUKNOWME?!

chat soon!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

wonder who SHE belongs to????

if you are one of my 2.5 readers (i am the .5) and disagree with hunting or are squeamish about it...don't continue reading this post.
if you are interested read on....
anne is a nature girl.  always has been.
she loves it. 
a couple summers ago, she went on a day trip to fish and check out a farm at "mr. butches".  there were cows, large all terraine vehicles that got them from point a to point b....donkeys, the whole nine yards.
the week before last, adam said to anne, "would you like to go to mr. butches and go hunting with me?'  i did a mental eye roll and thought riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.
she said yes.
ohmygosh, she said yes.
the night before, she went to bed early, because true hunting requires predawn waking up...(boo) she woke up several times during the night out of sheer excitment.
they left at 5:30am.
i got a call at 9:15am. they were heading home, they had a great time and a successful hunt...
anne was smitten.  she even touched the birds.
super sick if you ask me...but i am not going to squealch a great father/daughter expierence by me pulling my nose up.
just finding the whole thing humerous because anne has to leave the room when someone spits toothpaste in the sink....i didn't think hunting would be her thing.
i'm happy for her, and adam. 
i will keep the home fires burning with a potroast or chili for their arrival. 
that's more my thing...
~chat soon.

**p.s....anne was IN NO WAY a hunting participant, she was strictly an observer, and an assistant. she has not been properly educated or trained.  no worries....***

i wonder what she was thinking here...

weirdo...she had no interest in you love her outfit or what?  to be 4 and love the idea of 6 inches of belly hanging out of your it!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

this week...

slow and steady wins the race...this has been a very slow and steady project....
today i am filling drawers and lower cabinets.
i feel like the stuff multiplies every time i put more in...its driving me INSANE.
estimate completion date...tuesday!
BUT i have a stove, and a sink....
WE ARE COOKING DINNER TOMORROW NIGHT ladies and gents. (we would tonight but are going to a wedding...)
for the 2 people that read this, i haven't quit blogging, i just haven't had much focus.
as soon as i get my 'spot' back i'm on it!
fucet with out knobs...our other one lost its little decoration almost this summer each  knob had one little peg...i said, NO KNOBS for the faucet!

a kitchen sink light!

still needs backsplash, outlets, and a phone jack....

that's a stove folks....missing from our home since july 14th...but who's counting?

door frames-check