Tuesday, June 21, 2016


well...another year has passed and we just sent anne off to vbs camp this morning.
she packed almost her whole bag  by herself.  checked and double checked that she had all her items.
kate cried her eyes out about her sister leaving.
anne just loves this experience.  i hope she continues to for many more years to come.

i can't wait for her to come home. :)
a great group of girls.  

love this.

see the blur in the back?  that is the fifth grade group of boys ready to bomb the picture.  may the force be with those counselors. :)
Anne and her friend Holland.

Monday, June 20, 2016

camping adventures...

so. adam has inroduced our little tribe to the world of "camping". I say that loosely because we are inside sleeping with a restroom, shower, and fullish kitchen.  We do however love the outdoors and all its wonder.

we have gone twice now since the weather has warmed up.  Mother's day was a glorious weekend.  the park we went to was beautiful, just beautiful, the weather was perfect and it was just awesome...
lesson learned on that trip-racoons will eat any remaining smores ingrediants right off the picnic table while you are snoozing quietly inside the camper.  JERKS!

that was an awesome trip..

second trip out was memorial day weekend-weather was forecasted to be perfect.  we were leaving thursday afternoon so we could have a little longer time.  adam was planning on trout fishing.  i was planning on reading.

 we started down the highway-everything was going great.  out of no where a huge BOOM happened...girls started screeching, i about wet my pants, adams eyes are huge, and he is whispering foul words under his breath and finally says WE HAD A BLOW OUT..he guides the ailing rig over to the curb and we both jump out. (all within a 4 milli second time frame here)  girls are still squealing-everyone was okay-just spooked.
adam pulls the camper over, and both adam and i are trying to find the tire that blew-sure enough, ripped to shreds. WHAT THE WHAT are we going to do NOW-I said...Adam calmly says welp, we are going to fix it.  i thought ohhhhhhhhhhhh greeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaat...

we were on hwy 44 and the road was waaaay to narrow with how wide the camper is (its a beastly 20 some year old thing)...so we limped it, quite literally down the highway.  suddenly, out of no where, well, really sent from heaven, a highway patrol man cruises in behind us.  he trailed us to the exit on the shoulder with his warning lights on.  we got to the exit and adam jumped out to talk to the trooper.  he was so helpful, told us there was a tire shop about 5 miles down the road and they should help us with no trouble.  so away we went...we pulled into a small town, found the shop and jumped out.  i'm sure we looked like a scene from national lampoons...i'm just sure of it.  adam talked to the guys they said sure NO problem pull it on in.  they changed the tire and adam looked at the others realizing we needed to replace all of the back ones.  we also blew the propane line during the tire issue.  lovely.  by this point i was really just wanting to call a cab and head back to the city.  but i just smiled and said 'want to play uno while we wait?'

finally-we are back on the road with new tires and a rigged up propane line that will be dealt with when we get back home....

we arrive at the park.  it was beautiful.  just beautiful.  i pull out my camera to start snapping photos.  no memory card....are you kidding?  oh well folks, just take mental photos this weekend...we enjoyed a walk, had a nice little campfire dinner, and tucked ourselves into bed.  about 4 am i wake up to...what is that noise??....IT'S RAIN!  and LOTS OF IT!  it rained on and off the entire weekend, it was either misting, drizzling, or full on sideways rain.

lesson(s) learned on this trip-never leave your shoes, let alone all the shoes for the trip out in the wide open. never leave the camp chairs open around the camp fire, and whatever you do always bring a pair of pants no matter the season for everyone in the group.

i'm really not 100% sold on this camping thing quite yet. ;)
~chat soon.