Sunday, August 30, 2015

be faithful, serve boldly.....

as the school year wrapped up and our church stuff did as well, we were given a mission to work on during the summer.  to be faithful, serve boldly, share Jesus.
we were to as a family, find a task/project, apply for a grant, and execute the project.
we thought, and thought.  then we decided we would do something with FOOD.
that's when we came up with PROJECT YUM-O.  we researched yummy soup recipes, talked to church to find out how many home bound members could benefit from a little yummy-ness, bought the supplies and went to work. 

it was a lot of work, but well worth it.

disclaimer---this looks like it was a great family project from the photos.  and it was for the most part.  but there were a few moments, when the girls pooped out and had to "rest", someone's eyes started watering from too many onions, the rice got scorched in the wildrice soup, i may have raised my voice.  but at the end of the day-we got it done.

~chat soon.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

school has started

and so has homework. carpool. practices. lunchboxes. uniforms. form to fill out. meetings.
but we are doing good.
the transistion has gone fairly smooth-minus one explosive melt down from kate on a random thursday at 6:45am. but overall, it's been good.

girls love their new teachers.  anne is at the middle school campus and is LOVING it.  kate i think, is missing her sister at the elementary campus, but is finding her way just fine.

here are some pics from the first day-they aren't awesome. but they are, what they are. :)

loves her backpack!

i can see how nervous they were, now.

new grown up shoes. ;)

Sunday, August 16, 2015


so. today. is the official last day of summer.  so sad.
BUT we have lots to was a great, great, great, summer!
the girls dutifully finished their library reading program and were proud to put the sign in the yard.
so cute!

Looking forward to an awesome school year!
~chat soon!