Thursday, June 25, 2009


Vacation time is here. We leave in approximately nine hours for a well-earned family vacation. Things were a little touch and go this week, but as it stands now, we are all accounted for. Anxiously awaiting our vacation to beautiful GULF SHORES, ALABAMA!

Chat next Sunday!

Monday, June 22, 2009


You know, I love my dad. I mean I really love him. He is an awesome guy. He is quiet, sincere, respectful, and loyal. What more could you ask for?

Now that I am grown up, I have an even greater respect for dads . I watch Adam on a daily basis interact with our girls. They adore him. I realize that Anne and Kate think that Adam is truly their Prince Charming. What an awesome place to be! I pray everyday that their love for him just keeps growing.

I think that all Dads are pretty amazing!

Happy Father's Day-Everyday!

Chat Soon!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Isn't it great when you meet up with someone you haven't seen in FOREVER. I mean honestly FOREVER. My dear highschool friend Lindsay was in town from Seattle this weekend and we managed to finally meet up after many attempts the last year or so. It was just like we saw each other yesterday. That, my friends, is the tell-tale sign to a good friendship. Thanks Lindsay (and Stephen) for the great afternoon. So glad you came over! :)

~Chat soon!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Things that make me smile...

*My Kitchen Aid Mixer,
*making cookies with the girls
*watching Adam swim with the girls
when he should be working :)
*playing in the yard
*rice krispie treats
*the sunshine
*family vacation in 9 days and counting...

Hope you are having a smile-y day!

~Chat soon!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Mushy Monday...

So this weekend was rather exhausting. Adam went out of town to visit a good friend of his. I was okay with that, thought I could really get some things done and have some quality time with the girls.


The girls must of had a meeting on how to drive me NUTS! They did everything in their power to drive momma insane. Jeez!

By Sunday, I was in tears-almost.

All I have to say, is I have a completely new respect for single parents (moms or dads). YOU ARE AWESOME! I don't know how people do it, I have a few friends that are military or police and fireman wives, SHEESH! The job of parenting alone PLUS the worry of your spouse at his occupation-holy cow!

So, I have realized that Adam is a HUGE part keeping our household CALM, he helps make everything run smoothly and peacefully. I know as a woman, I am guilty of lamenting about 'things' he may not always do...but FORGET ABOUT THAT! He really is the VIP in the team we play on! :)

We are glad to have you back home (even if you were ONLY gone 48 hours!).

Happy Monday~
~Chat Later

Friday, June 12, 2009

Our Anne...

Anne is four, going on 40-most days. She keeps us hopping and at times I really feel in my heart-she is smarter then us! Here are a few quotes from Anne this week.

me-What was your favorite part of VBS today?
Anne-FEAR GOD! she yells at the top of her lungs.
Anne-yeah, that is what they said, FEAR GOD because he is NICE!

**later, I read her papers-it was FEAR NOT-Because the Lord is Nice! (she got it close enough)

Anne-I didn't know hospitals have tv.
me-Yes, how do you know that?
Anne-well, "yesterday", when Kate was born(she is 19months) I came to the hospital and watched Baby Clifford in your bed. That was cute.
me-well, yes, you're right
Anne-how did Kate come out of your tummy?
me-(immediately, the room starts to get fuzzy and I feel like barfing) ummm...the doctor lifted Kate out. *disclaimer-both girls born by c-section, so not a TOTAL lie*.
Anne-oh. Are all babies lifted out?
me-(room getting fuzzy again) uh, yeah. Now finish your applesauce!

Anne, looking at my feet-mommy what toe is that one?
me-your big toe
Anne-NOPE. It's your fum toe! (thumb toe)

During a HUGE thunderstorm this week
Anne-What was that?
Anne-that is God bowling.
Anne-and that other thunder, that is the 'other God' bowling

~Chat Soon

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Peer pressure

Funny stuff-Anne started dance class on Tuesday evening. She LOVES to dance. It is her favorite thing to do (besides dress up, play Barbies get my drift!). We decided to go with the community center approach instead of a studio to see first if she was interested in it at all. I was very nervous about doing all of this 'right'. So I called the center and asked about the appropriate dress, if we needed a leotard and shoes etc. I was pleased to hear that it was up to us. The summer session is laid back etc. No worries the man said "tennis shoes and comfy clothes are fine." So I picked out a basic little skirt out of her closet and a pair of tennis shoes. She looked cute enough.

We walk into the building, my eyes immediately fall on 7-10 little girls dressed in leotards, filmy skirts, tights, and DANCE SHOES. My heart sank. I mean really sank. Anne didn't say a word and was drawn to the toys and observing the others while we waited. The first half of the class is ballet. She did great, followed directions did the little steps they taught, almost seemed like a natural. Then came the second half. TAP. The instructor explained if they did not have shoes, they should just hug their moms and go back. So we did that. Anne proceeded with the class, looking like she was having the time of her life. I even managed to score a couple pictures.

The class came to a close. The girls paraded out, Anne still smiling told "Miss Sandy" goodbye. "Good", I thought, "I'm glad she liked it." Then she saw me...out of nowhere and I mean NOWHERE she burst into tears. She blubbered out that 'EVERYONE HAS TAP SHOES AND I WANT TAP SHOES, I JUST HAVE EXERCISE SHOES...THEY CLICK WITH THEIR SHOES AND I CAN'T CLICK!" The whole time she was professing her feelings she was VERY LOUD! I mean LOUD the kind of loud that you just want to stick them under your shirt and run! "Oh dear, what now?" I thought to myself. "Luckily the teacher calmly walked over and explained that there was a box of used shoes and I could buy a pair for four bucks. PERFECT! I kept my fingers crossed and walked to the box. There, looking right up at me, were a pair of shiny (sort of) black tap shoes. Anne was in heaven and I was back to good mom standing in the eyes of Anne.

Got my first taste of peer pressure as a momma. Have to admit. Wasn't the greatest feeling. GULP!

~Chat soon

Hat's off to the veterans...

Veteran Moms that is! (Of course I salute each and every military veteran as well! :) This week has been NUTS! Anne started Vacation Bible School Monday, I had two days of meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday at odd times so I had to depend on others to take and pick up Anne. She started dance Tuesday night, Adam had a great idea to order window sills and windows (smile) but the window sill guy was scheduled to come today at 9:00am. Adam mentioned-it would probably be good to pick up the bedrooms. (err...if you know anything about our bedrooms-it ain't pretty-I hate it, but that's just us!) Back to the story...I don't know how all of you veteran mom's do it. How do you do it with out being a raging lunatic? The picking up dropping off, no time in between to really DO anything...just mulling around. It's my pet-peeve, but I know that all of you 'veterans' are smirking right now saying "It's only just begun, Sara". WHEW!

~Chat Soon

Monday, June 8, 2009

Funny things...

So today was the first day of Vacation Bible School for Anne. She was super excited. We were greeted this morning with pouring down rain, just as the time came for us to leave. Sometimes, when my van gets wet-it does this weird thing and at times, will even die. Well, today in the parking lot at church (which by the way was FULL) I was coasting along, looking for a spot. I turn the corner of the lot and my engine DIES-totally dead. The van is coasting, literally down the hill of the lot...As I'm muttering ornery words, these moms were looking at me like-jeez, her car is quiet! As my face is turning very, very red, and I'm praying that I can find a spot to coast into I say (to myself...) YEP! GOT MYSELF ONE OF THOSE NEW ELECTRIC QUIET CARS!!! BRAND NEW! RUNS LIKE A CHAMP AND CAN'T EVEN HEAR ME COMING! :) Luckily, my prayers worked and I rolled right into a spot and put it into park! Started right up after we dropped her off. WHEW!

On a side note...Anne loved V.B.S. She said she met "some really nice kids." ohhh....Anne!

Next thing...Bath time. I decided what a perfect place to try out the camera. Haven't taken bath pictures yet. I get everything organized and Adam sneaks in to 'scare' the girls. (I think really, its to test my heart, because I nearly keel over every time he does it.) The tactic sends everyone on a squealing spree and most of the time prompts many giggles. Kate, decides to lean over the side of the tub to get closer to Adam-since she has enough suds on her little body to cover the bi-state area, guess what happens? YEP! She slips right out into my lap. So there I was, camera in one hand, wet seal in another. The pictures depict the before and after of the slipping. The toe shot of Anne is just to prove how long the girls get to actually be in the tub. :)

Happy Monday!

~Chat Soon

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Isn't Summer Great?

"Isn't summer great, Daddy?" Anne stated this morning when we got home from church. This weekend did prove to be a great summer weekend.

*Soulard Market

*Playing on the deck until dusk

*Church picnic

*Swimming in the pool

*Playing with Maw-Maw

*Making cherry pie

*Giggling to our giggles wore out

*Summer thunderstorms

*Putting the tent up in the family room

...I think Anne hit it on the head!

~Chat Soon

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Well, today marks a new beginning. I have gotten sucked into the world of "Blogging". I am excited. I hope it is a great way to keep everyone up to date, as well as keep a living journal of all the exciting things we do!

Today also marked the first 'official' day of summer for me. School got out Thursday (for the teachers), I cleaned the house like a maniac yesterday and then the fun and games started today...ahhh. I LOVE IT!

It also marked the beginning of me being an official owner of a 'fancy shmancy' camera. I have not a clue as to what I am doing BUT I took over 175 pictures today and BY GEORGE some of them turned out decent!

Be patient with my new endeavours in the blogging world. My goal is to update whenever I have something good...and in our house, that, at times, is hourly!

Chat soon!