Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A little late-

Here are Christmas pictures from my side of the family.  Always a great time.  It was hysterical. I'm way behind on posting, but still fun to look back.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

More Christmas....

annual Christmas Day dinner at our house.
including the second annual white elephant gift.
always ending with lots of belly laughing and snorting.
the girls are anxiously waiting the year they can participate!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Back tracking....

Our Christmas was so fun.
It was just perfect.
The kids were good.  We all enjoyed each other.
It wasn't overly busy or stressful.
Just fun.
Here are a few photos I snapped during Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning.

cousin hunter being silly

mesmerized by barney-devon.

Christmas morn-the bolt down the steps.

santa brough the buck bed she has been wishing for

kate is super excited here....

a 'grown up scarf'

a puffy vest

a diary with a lock


Monday, January 6, 2014

a biggie...

 so we live in MO. 
snow storms are often predicted, but rarely produce a big snow....
there was one on the docket for Saturday into Sunday.
it was going to cover a large area of the state.
6+ inches where ever you looked.
oh boy.
not only that-but sub zero temps as soon as the snow subsided.
and adam had a scheduled hunting trip to texas leaving this morning.
oh and I forgot-he also had a gout attack Saturday night into Sunday morning.
lets just say-the mood was absolutely snow bunny-ish.  NOT! :)
we made it.
the snow was massive (12+ inches)
I shoveled three + times to keep with the snow/drifts. (because Adam had a contorted foot that was causing him to writhe in pain.)
it was really awesome.
our Christmas break has been extended so far, by two day.
the creativity part of my brain has either a)frozen or b) been depleted, because, I've GOT NOTHING.
luckily, I heeded mr. meteorologists warning on Saturday morn and picked up an intense jigsaw for most of us to participate in.  we made snow shakes today, thanks to my friend jules (aka JULIE-friends since birth) who shared the recipe.
i'm silently ready to get back to reality.
I hate to say that too loud. but it's the truth. 
but thankfully, we are safe and sound. warm and toasty.  a pantry full.
so ultimately nothing to complain about!
about 9am

about 11:30 am
about 1:30-third time shoveling, had to dip into the hubby's warm gear.  it was getting COLD
storm over-8pm.  doesn't do it justice.  but seriously.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

An empty slate.
Happy 2014!
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