Wednesday, January 20, 2016

hello winter

Today is our first snow day-Adam left for a trip early, early this morning.  I knew last night that I had a snow day and was already hearing complaining from the girls how it wasn't faaaaaiiiiiiir.

I woke up to my phone blinking and the girls school had also been called off.  Odd.  I was thankful for not having to get up and function with cranky girls while navigating my carpool day.

After chicken patrol and shoveling (we miss Adam already) we played. Hard.  It is COLD.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

christmas day

i knew i wouldn't get this all posted in a timely fashion, regardless-here it is...

christmas day was great-i still was not feeling 100%-we had already arranged to delegate food for the evening meal, so i just had to do a couple dishes.  oddly enough, we even had time to watch a movie and play with toys-no yelling, no was nice.

the girls are still so sweet and innocent on christmas morning.  they were thrilled with all their fun gifts they were blessed with.

the blur-i always love this picture

kate did a Christmas around the world unit at school and made a 'popper' she saved it for Christmas morning

Anne gave Kate a diary-so sweet

they got a much wanted gift-(a cheap tablet)

and dad finished the morning with a new pair of boots.

~chat soon!