Friday, April 29, 2011

just a peek....

dance recital weekend.
big show tomorrow.
stay tuned....
~chat soon!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Good Friday....

Have you seen this?????  It's chilling...
We were at church, then dinner, we had missed all the talk about this impending storm.
I walked by a t.v. after we were done eating....saw a lot of red and a lot of words on the bottom of the screen but didn't really comprehend any of it.
After using the bathroom, I marched the girls back to the table and whispered to Adam....we are OUTTA here!
Gave him the LOOK, and up he went.
We made it home with no problem....weren't even all the way in the door and THERE GO THE SIRENS....
We did our usual parade downstairs.
Luckily, we were spared. It was rough.  Loud.  Scary. 
After seeing this video, it is a serious fact, that the GOOD LORD was watching over everyone AGAIN.  I really think people better perk their ears up....He is trying to send a message.  HE IS IN CONTROL, whether we like it or NOT! 
~chat soon!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Sunday....

One of my favorite holidays.
I am kind of an old fashioned gal.
Religious holidays are my favorite.
Made up ones....really serve me no purpose.
The trumpets, the cross processional, the lilies..oh man.
I wish it were every day! :)
This year, I made an egg casserole. It was from, you guessed it, Pioneer Woman.
I botched it up.  It didn't turn out as well as I had planned.  I was upset about it.
The girls pulled their noses up a little, it just didn't start off with the excitement I was hoping for.
We get to church, walked I swear 5 miles, not really, but in new pink high sure felt like it.
Get seated, Anne has to pee....take her to the bathroom, worried I would miss the opening song.
We made it back.  Trumpets started, so did the tears.  Luckily, no one saw me, or pretend not too....
I had no reason for crying.  Just thankful.  That's all.
I'm getting so old.
And turning into my mother.  I always thought that was sooooooooooooo weird when she cried in church.  I believe she told me....'one day you will too'.
I guess she was right.
The rest of the day was awesome.  The service was awesome.  The weather not so much....but we had a great time anyway.

new favorite picture of the girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

she was so proud of how grown up she looked......

always kate.

crazy kate.

maybe weird that i took a picture of the spread....just making sure i don't forget for next year! :)

yummy spring goodness....

new fruit salad recipe with lime sauce...will make again!

fun desserts!

~chat soon

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Eve...

On Saturday, Anne blurts out.....MOMMY!  IT'S EASTER EVE!  IT'S THE DAY BEFORE EASTER....IT'S EASTER EVE! 
There you have it folks.  The whole day was surrounded by the preparations for Easter at our house the next day.  The girls were so good.  Sweet.  Just good.  Enjoying all the innocence of the times.  I loved it.
I didn't love shopping the day of Easter Eve BUT we did it.  Will NEVER do it again.  We survived, thats all that really matters....
And here you have it.  In no particular order....the events of EASTER EVE.
Made from scratch bunt cake.  will probably never do that again.  very dry.

enjoying the salad spinner...her job.

anne making dressing for the salad

Add caption

very sad about a color gone wrong.

kate seriously could have done this

i see you!

mom had fun too!

love it!

baths and curlers....ready for bed!
~chat soon!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Holy Week....

My mom has repeatedly reminded me that I am doing not so hot on the blogging.
I admit it.
I have a week's worth of stuff to post.
Since last week was Holy Week that is what I will name it.
The pictures on this post are from the Holy Land Adventure at our church.  You can read about last years visit here.

making soap
sniffing herbs

making spice pouches to keep the stink off!

in authentic costumes.  she didn't like it at all!
carving rocks

crosses of Calvary

making bell bracelets
making biscuits

making clay pinch pots

~chat soon

Friday, April 22, 2011

where did it go?

time, where has it gone?
in the past month....
Anne has learned how to read...BOOKS!
Anne has learned how to jump rope.
Anne has learned the Lord's Prayer.
Anne has ANOTHER loose tooth! (this will be #7!!!!)
Anne has learned and able to tell the true story of Easter (if she would let me video it, I would, it would make the strongest of hearts MELT!).
i wish time would slow down...
she only has a few weeks left and she will be a
what the WHAT?!
oh well, as our wonderful Debbie says, just when you think THIS stage is the BEST, along comes another....
she was soooo right when she told me that.  (but she is usually spot on with everything she says)
~chat soon!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

i'm quitting my job.**** updated ****

one of these days i will learn to keep my mouth SHUT!  nothing too bad, but sirens were sounded....

and going to be a weather-man.
i know that this is being written out of frustration, but it is for real.
since yesterday morning, 'they' talked about this massive storm that was going to rattle through our area.
HUGE they said.  TORNADOES (gulp) HAIL (okay) RAIN, WIND...just marvelous.
so already yesterday, i had anxiety over this.
i picked the kids up right after work, came home, we have started dinner, and to no avail. we are still waiting.

so here is my letter to 'them'.

dear mr. weatherman,
i'm a pretty laid back chick.  i don't like drama, or being disappointed.
that is really the only two things that get me really upset.
this winter, you planned the blizzard of the decade.  we only got about a 1/4 of an inch of sleet.  (we were anticipating WEEKS off of school...)
this spring, you have made us think we were all going to be sucked up, or blown over.
people have canceled things.  and while i am quite thankful it is pretty calm out....i am a little unnerved.
i guess you are probably pointing and laughing.
you got me.  again.
but, in my line of work, i have to be pretty sincere with what i am doing.  i have to mean it.  if i say it, it counts.
so lets not talk smack, okay?
weather phobe in mo.

Friday, April 15, 2011

nothing to report.

that's all.
nothing here.
the week was the usual.
second child with double ear infection.
a dose of kate tossing a mucus filled belly with a side of cereal onto herself on the to the way to the sitter yesterday morning.
a kindergarten program that was so cute it brought tears to my eyes.
messy house.
a nice glass of wine.
homemade fried fresh fish. (if you know me, you know i am in HEAVEN)
a storm that didn't turn out to be too scarey.
33 days left of the school year. (it seems do-able but the original calendar, sans snow days, we should have only have 20 days to go...)
april showers with our daisy troop tomorrow. (5 or so 5 year olds, traipsing through a neighborhood collecting personal hygiene products the subdivision left in the bags we delivered last weekend.)
palm sunday-i like palm sunday. (one more sunday till EASTER!)
planning the Easter Dinner menu!  whoop whoop!
i'm welcoming the weekend.
a busy one.
but glad it is here.
hope you enjoy yours as well!
~chat soon!