Saturday, April 9, 2011

tulips, part three.

so i have a thing for tulips. .
they are my favorite.along with daises, and roses, mums...
pretty much anything else that gets one out of the winter blahs.
i so wanted tulips in my wedding bouquet. remember that mom?
we got married the end of february.
the florist really didn't enocourage the option.
i still think i could have handled it.
even if they would have just been green stems with that weirdo black antennae looking thing left at the end of the CELEBRATION dance that night. :) ha. that made me laugh. i danced to that song. i can so picture myself holding that 'bouquet'.

i was driving home from work on thursday and thought.
'God really is amazing.'
i mean He is.
but when you look at the minute things in life, it can catch your breathe.
for instance. 
monday, i drive to work.  looking at yellow/brown grass and bare trees.
thursday, i drive home from work.  looking at green grass and trees that look green and 'fuzzy'.
just amazing.
just a reminder.  for day three.
stop. smell the tulips. or whatever is near.
its a fantastic feeling. :)

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  1. Yes Sara, I do remember your desire for a "tulip bouquet"...... AND Thank you Jill for saving us some "Tears" for I'm not sure it would have made it to the CELEBRATION!!!!! :)
    Love the TULIPS Sara......