Wednesday, July 29, 2015

random summer...

this summer has been so calm.  most days have been, at least.
last week i saw this flower blooming on our deck and i thought TAKEAPICTURE.  the girls gave me two hibiscus for mother's day and we have just really loved watching them bloom.  fun fact-their blooms only last one day.

the frog photo-was kate.  she was outside, she walks right inside and says...hey mom.  LOOK I HAVE A FROG. i kind of dismissed it for a second and she said NOTKIDDING and tossed it my way.  that girl.....

~chat soon!'

Friday, July 24, 2015

one last time

we left later on the day of departure.  very unlike our 5am get up and go. drive all day. only stop for restroom and gas breaks.  (i hate that) so we talked adam into leaving mid morning and being able to enjoy one last stroll on the beach. it was perfect.
i don't think i will ever be convinced to leave at dawn again! :)

Thursday, July 23, 2015

picture time!

no vacation is complete without family photos right?
this time, thankfully they went off without a hitch-or a fall!
we waited till the last i was thankful they turned out!
on the other hand...someone MUST tell these kids to stop growing up!

she chose this spot....
~chat soon

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

last full day....


boogey boarding...we hadn't gotten bit by a shark I said GO FOR IT!

she chose a popsicle

finally got the hang of it

face plant aftermath

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

gone fishin!

we went to uncle carl's during our visit.
they live in a lovely home and on lovely ground in south carolina.
the girls remembered fishing last year.  
they would not hear of not fishing even though it was 300 degrees with not an once of breeze. :)
their efforts were fruitful.
my pictures are a little yucko but you get the drift.

super hot. but also a super big fish.

Anne caught it-then refused to hold it. :)

big fish!

uncle carl and the girls.  

uncle and nephew.  
~chat soon!

Monday, July 20, 2015

shrimp and dolphins.

we met up with adam's uncle, aunt, and cousin while we were on vacation.
jessica organized a dolphin cruise.  we were super excited.
we saw a couple tails and a great view of one super close to us.
it was too much to grab a camera and watch a dolphin at the same time.  so just take our word on that one! ;)

this picture makes me happy and sad.  she is so beautiful=happy. she is getting so big=sad

 we also had a ton of shrimp while we were in sc.
the girls usually don't have to peel them individually.  but we were eating so much of it, we decided it was high time they learned.
watch the progression of kate learning...

this cracks me up....she was NOT in love with peeling her own. :)  
heaven in a bowl.

Chat soon!