Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Several years ago, we found our favorite place on earth.
We think it's great, but it may not  be great for everyone....
it's SUPER calm, very laid back, everyone is happy,'s just great.
we did nothing very exciting this time.  just relaxed.  biggest stress of the day was is the tide in or out?  do you want shrimp with lunch or dinner? :)
adam who is usually game ON 100% of the time, even sat for most of the trip and just enjoyed the wonderful calming therapy Harbor Island provides.
All of us are still kind of coming around to the idea of being home....Anne is spending most of her time in her swimming suit-just in case.  Kate is throwing massive fits.  I just walk around aimlessly.  Adam is quiet.  
Here are a few photos from the first few seconds we were there.  Literally!  

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