Saturday, August 31, 2013

the annual carnival.

we survived the 4th annual carnival for our school.
in the past it has proven hysterical stories.
this year was pretty lowkey.
it was just the girls and i.  adam had a work issue come up.
kate was finally big enough to ride MOST of the rides.
she had such a great time.
i loved to watch them be together and be great friends and sisters.
and let us not forget the carnival of 12, 11, and 10. :) click the numbers to relive the past carnival events. :)
~chat soon

Friday, August 30, 2013

behind the times....

i've  been so terrible on blogging lately
my computer is most of the problem.  it only works when it wants too.  that does not work for me.  my patience really can't handle that at all...i love to post our stuff on here.  if nothing else, just for a record of what's going on exactly.

this is what's going on as of now.
we are day 11 into our school year.
kate is loving kindergarten.
anne is LOVING 3rd grade.
i'm not so sure about my class this year. (but that is normal)
i backed into the playground fence at work the first day of school.  did a beautiful job on the back end of my car. 
i miss my sister.
it's hotter then heck here in MO right's been oddly chilly all summer and now that we are all back to school WHAMO it's so hot your clothes just melts onto your skin....but thats okay.  we aren't able to go outside anyway...
hopefully the computer will allow me to pick up my posting a little more frequently now.  otherwise, i may just have to trade it in.....
~chat soon!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

first days...

it's been a busy week.
the girls and i started school on the same day.
i wasn't able to take kate to her first day of kindergarten.  but i survived.  barely.
she was soo cute in her uniform, i could have died.
i did get choked up as adam drove away...and as the story goes-adam had a tough time too.
anne was so excited about third grade.
i think it's going to be a great year for both of them.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

new teachers...

anne look sooo grown up.
look at kates toes....and how she is grabbing her shirt-i think she is a little nervous

the girls had their teacher visits this past week.
we love them both.
anne's teacher is new this year...he seems very enthusiastic, and energetic.  anne just LOVED him.  we really liked him too. i am looking forward to a great year.

kate has anne's kindergarten teacher.  she is so wonderful.  kate is in love with her, of course. and we are too.  i can't believe that she is going into kindergarten. but, if she has too, i'm glad its with someone we know. 

~chat soon.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

new peeps.


Sweet Kate just got her new glasses today.  We thought the fact that Kindergarten was approaching AND she has had the same pair for two was maybe time to check out some new frames.
She put these on and I was done cute.  So grown up.
She loves them too, she said on the way home tonight-These feel SOOO light.  I JUST LOVE HAVING GLASSES.
I love that girl.  She is one of a kind.
~chat soon
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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

a great trip planned.

a little secret about me...i really, really, really like to plan trips.
i did not know that about me, but a few years ago, i realized that i really liked to discover and organize trips to new places.
i really haven't done too bad of a job yet....
until this past weekend.
and there is NO disrespect to the city that we went to....if planned in a different fashion, it would have been fantastic.  i am sure.

we went to hannibal, mo.  the home of mark twain.
the girls and i have been ready the jr. novel of tom sawyer for a few weeks.

we thought this may be a great trip.
and it was.
we saw that there was a parade the weekend that we were to be there....i love parades as much as fireworks, so it was a perfect deal.  the parade was approximately 8 minutes long. kid you not.
we went to cave...i had no clue there were assigned times for tours.  we had to wait more then an hour for the next available tour time.  we were NOT planning on the cave tour to be so intense...meaning it was a tight space.  eeks.
we could not find a place to eat for lunch. there was a corvette show on main street and as far as the eye could see, there were corevettes.  so every available lunch spot was PACKED.  we walked into a cheese and sausage shop that was completly empty.  red flag number 1...  the man that greeted us was a little (well very) creepy.  and offered the girls a cheese curd on the end of a steak flag 2.  we ordered sausage, cheese curds, two sandwhiches, and two drinks...the total bill-30 bucks.  eeks.  we sat down and started in on the cheese, sausage, cracker delight.  the crackers were so stale they were spongy.  gross.  the girls wolfed their sandwiches down....adam and i could not finish our lunch.  i RARELY lose my appetite-but i thought i was going to lose what little lunch i had eaten all over the table.  we left.  abruptly.
adam and i were really aggervated.  we contemplated going home. just packing up and going home.  but we still had a riverboat ride and another night of swimming planned.  we couldn't disappoint now.

we headed back to the hotel to take a quick breather...kate found an old dirty sock under the hotel bed and put it on adam's stomach.  adam, being the neat nick he is, kind of freaked out...everyone was howling and was hysterical.  for me.  everyone else like i said, was screaming.

next stop-boat ride.  that was awesome.
followed by dinner-at a nice restaurant outside of downtown hannible.  our trip started looking up.
it wasn't horrible.  it wasn't great, but we can say we did it.   and that is a good thing.
~chat soon.