Monday, September 12, 2011

the carnival.

so friday was the 2nd annual ccls carnival.
it was fun.
the weather was sketchy.
but it turned out perfect.
we got there.
we realized the carnies were the same.
we started at the games.
they were cute.
faces painted.
pizza eaten.
then the rides.
anne wanted to ride the swings.
the kind that were on a pole and then when the motor started...they flew waaaaay out.
i said it was okay.
she headed to the ride with her friend.
adam said, 'where did anne go?'
me-oh. with friend a. to the swings.
adam-NO WAY!
me-just stop.  she's fine.
adam-NO WAY! he marches to the swings tells the man, not to start the swings, and walks to her.
he pulls her off the swings.
she is NOT HAPPY.
at all.
i'm only slightly emabararssed.
i did some quick disaster cleanup.
explained that we only ride rides that leave the ground at six flags.
quick thinking on my part.
she said okay.
we went on.
kate won a pig.  anne won a stuffed fish.  they each got some kind of weird fake hair clip thing.
it was great.
like i said, not nearly as humerous as last year. (in case you have never heard it....ha!)
but, still just a bit of ride drama.
OH! i nearly forgot.
all 4 of us rode this weird spinny car thing.
all of the sudden we notice the ride is slowing.
the lights went off.  all the rides were stopping, making a weird movie type sound that sounded like reeerrrrwhhhherrrrreeeeerrrrrr....
i got slightly nervous.
holy moly (err...not what i was thinking.)
all the carnies scrambled and started pumping on a smoke stack like thing.
it was up and running in no time. (gulp.)
we got off the ride.
and went back to the games.
a good time had by all.

night view. ;)

can't stand herself she is soooo excited

fun on the merry go round

the sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide.
hero carnie...from last year! :)

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