Friday, September 30, 2011

the start of something....BIG

all summer long, i was blabbing about adam searching for a new office space.
there were headaches, roller coasters, tears, sweat, lots of stuff.
it finally happened.
today, september 30, 2011, treetop enterprises is working at new office.
a beautiful office.
simply amazing.
to think, it started in a dorm room 12 years ago, to a 1200 square foot home, 10 years ago, to the basement of the home we are currently living it's new headquarters.
a dream come true.
i am very proud of my bud, adam!
it has been a wild ride, but he has his own office...WITH A DOOR! :)
if you are reading this, you were in someway invovled with the process i'm sure. either listening to us, putting furniture together, helping paint, listening to us, supporting to us, did i mention listening to us, helping pick out colors or furnishings, listening to us....we couldn't have done it without YOU!
Thanks is NOT enough!
here are some before, during, and after pictures.

conference room before
conference room after
more conference room...apparel wall.\\

bathroom before
bathroom after

adam's office during...

adam's office after.

warehouse before/during

wharehouse before/during
wharehouse after
front office area before/during

front office desk area

hallway after

hallway that includes 5 offices before
one more of the conference room...

because of this new adventure...our landline number is changing and our home will not have internet for a short time.  blog posts will be whenever they can be. (this is addressed to the 1.5 people that read this thing!)
~chat soon!

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