Friday, September 2, 2011

just stating the facts...folks.

so yesterday, i had to go to the doctor.
i have a bum shoulder.
it's an old injury.  it has flared up this summer.
i religiously saw my chiropractor, and it hasn't gotten better.
it was suggested i see an orthopedic doctor.
i filled out all the paperwork. 
checked all the appropriate boxes. 
showed up early.
all was good.
i was examined.
it was determined that my shoulder is 'frozen'.
i was expecting that.
it isn't moving.
it in fact, is acting as if, it is frozen!
the doctor said.  you are 34?!
i say, um,  yes.
he says. and you're.....drumroll.....diabetic?!
i say, yes.
he says. well, this is a common ailment in MIDDLE AGED WOMEN
and diabetics.
now, i could stomach the middle aged women part.
kind of.
but the diabetic part, i went into orbit.
all kinds of thoughts entered my brain.
after asking a.lo.t. of questions, it turns out that diabetics are prone to frozen shoulder.
but 'regular' people can get it too.
it hit below the belt.
i have not had anything associated with diabetes tagged on me.
except beastly large newborns.  and i am just getting over that wound.
the point of this post.
i think no matter the case, the world needs to be respectful.
respectful to say.  'prone to'. instead of 'caused by'.
respectful to make a person feel less of the cause, and more of a well...i don't know, but that I CAUSED THIS type of feeling.
i made myself known, in a respectful, classy kind of way.
but i'm pretty sure he understood what i was saying.
i have done some research.
figured out that....
20% of people with frozen shoulders are diabetic.
5% aren't.
I'm wondering about the other 75%....are they elephants???
anyway, it is an unknown type of thing.
common in middle aged woman. sometimes in diabetics....sometimes caused by a trauma.
lots of unknowns.
just face the respectful.
no matter what you do.
just do it.
respect. it's a nice thing.
and in closing....since apparently i am currently suffering from a diabetic side effect, consider donating to my cause....jdrf walk for the cure! 
while this deal is just a shoulder, other diabetics are suffering from a lot more!
thank you.
and good night!

~chat soon.
psssst....if you are wanting to walk. GO SIGN UP!  i know a few of you said you would 'sign up' DOITDOITDOIT!

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