Monday, September 19, 2011

thankful on monday...

after this weekend, i am thankful for...
1. my therapy chair. (of which I have become very close too.)
2. good drugs.
3. dollar red box movies. as dumb as they are.
4. my mommas brownies. (who i haven't told ONE person about)
5. the help.  wasn't the ending i would have liked...but a heck of a book!
6. my cold therapy cooler.  love.
7. folded laundry courtesy of my momma.
8. pretty flowers the chicks gave me.
9. little leftover containers filled with yummy food given to us. (two things were already eaten, so jules and michelle-don't worry, just too good to keep in containers...straight to the belly!)
and finally....very thankful for....
it kept me strong in the weakest of hours! :)
~chat soon!

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