Monday, November 30, 2009


Winding down the holiday weekend last night, Adam decided to light a fire. The girls loved it. Adam and the chicks snuggled, I addressed Christmas was good ole fashion quality time at its best.
We even watched the Halmark Special. :O)
How 'bout that Norman Rockwell!?

~Chat soon

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Come Ye Thankful People...

Crafts and pie making on Wednesday (a tradition with Anne)
Thanksgiving lunch at Adam's parents...

Dinner at my Aunt Linda and Uncle Don's home.
We had a G.R.E.A.T. Thanksgiving...
~Chat Soon

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A fun little story

So yesterday, after work I headed toward the babysitters house to get the girls.
She is a wonderful, wonderful lady. Debbie always has a story that cracks me up about a scenerio that the day had. Today was different. Debbie seemed to have a heavy mind. She said she had to tell me something. (room gets fuzzy) I held my breath wondering if Anne had an accident, or if Kate hit someone...This is how it played out:

Debbie-Sara, Anne said something today.
D-I asked her to start cleaning up the toys before nap...
D-She looked right at me and said "AW DAMN IT!" gets REALLY fuzzy.

I immediately think that she has enlightened three two year olds on new vocabulary words, she has started a dictionary of all vulgarity she has heard in the past 4 years and is ready to just spout off at any inopportune moment, etc.

As any mother does, I started right into apologies and explanations. Debbie reassured me that it wasn't a big deal, I shouldn't worry about...have a nice Thanksgiving.

...gulp. I didn't know what I was going to say or do. I did the best thing I could think of and just reasoned with her. When I asked Anne who she heard this word from, she said, 'her brother'. This brother of hers is pretend, and does lots of stuff with her. Usually positive. Once I do find this brother, he and I are going to have a nice chat.

As we drove home, we talked some more about the situation. I would have to tell daddy etc. Of course she wept, literally wept, about the thought of telling Adam. In her 4 years of life, I can probably count on 3 fingers how many times he has even RAISED his voice at her, let alone got mad. So I was a little confused about the sudden drama.

We finally got home. She was very gun-shy as she saw Adam (I guess she thinks he has E.S.P.) he asked what was wrong and she just sank-she said out loud "I'm so sorry, I disappointed you." OH FOR PETES SAKE. That would make the coldest of hearts melt...

On to nigh time...I sank into bed, mortified at the potty-mouth I have apparently raised, and already tired from the excitement building about all the weeks festivities that were on the list.

4:30am rolls around. I hear this ODD sound coming from one of the bedrooms, was it a dog? No. Was it a seal? No. It was Kate, with what sounded like CROUP!


Assess the situation, she has a low grade temp and sounds as if she swallowed a pack of lit cigarettes. I calm her down and head back to bed.

Once again, from zero to panic.

How would we handle Thanksgiving dinner(s)? Would everyone understand that the other parent had to stay home with the sick one? Would the dishes I signed up to prepare still be okay if I just sent them along....????? Would we just cop out and make a meatloaf? Oh how great the imagination is at 4:30am.

Roll onto 7am. Everyone is fever free, bright eyed and bushy tailed. As if it never happened. A hint of a horse voice, but that is it. Really?!

So on this Thanksgiving Eve, I am very thankful that Kate is well, Anne is so with-it, that she even picks up 'bad things' and that I have the family I do to love and support me no matter the hour of the day.

This was a long one. But worth it...maybe?
~Chat soon!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

it's starting...

that feeling, it's starting.

you know what i'm talking about.

it's tuesday, the last day of the work week before the holiday break.

the energy and excitement is almost too much to bear.

you can feel it in the grocery store, in traffic, everywhere.

i kind of dig it.

i love the holidays.

but i have also made a pact with myself.

it's not necessary to make it perfect.

i have caught myself already stressing about the 'perfect' gift for someone. if i was going to have the 'perfect' decorations this year. if my cards were going to be 'perfectly addressed by december 1.'


no one outside of my little mind knows what MY idea of perfect LET.IT.GO.SARA!

i need to set aside the ideas for beaded ornaments, homemade garland, perfect arrangments of baked goods, coordinating outfits for the girls...the list goes on and on...

i need to focus on the real reason that all of these holiday's are going on.

looking forward to candles, food, family, crisp evenings, church services, and lots of GOOD memories.
~chat soon!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Anne is thankful...

Fun projects from Pre-school.
Click on them to make out what she writes.
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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


After work this evening, I had a meeting. I usually don't have any work related things after the normal school day and when I do I tend to dread them. Today was no different. It was especially hard because it was dreary and cold. The kind of day you just wanted to go home, change into that warm pair of sweats that only your closest family can see you in (you ALL know what I mean!) and proceed with my evening. That wasn't in the cards for me tonight.

As the meeting went on, I was overcome with 'mom guilt'. A very ugly sickness that washes over women from time to time. It's yucky. Very, very, yucky. I knew that the girls were with Adam, who is a wonderful, capable, loving dad. Dinner was in the crock pot and I would be home shortly. I just couldn't shake that sick feeling in the pit of my tummy. I wanted to be with THEM.

I finally got home. They all greeted with me with the normal red carpet affair and went on with their business, putting Barney stickers on the oven front, smuggling ink pens into the family room, watching too much t.v. etc.

That is when I blew 'the whistle'.


As of 7:30pm on November was officially GAME NIGHT!
So as soon as the dinner dishes were in the dishwasher...we busted out the games.

It was quite fun.

Made me realize that I needed that as much as the kids needed it.

Both games were a blast, easy, understandable, (for all parties) and short in length. (another score in my book!)

Great Christmas gifts too, if you are thinking about your lists...

~Chat soon!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

How about something to look at...

I've been running my mouth lately like people actually read this thing.
Here are some pictures from Fall Fun with Maw-Maw W at Suson Park.
It was a great time, as Kate would say, it was "Awethome!"

~Chat soon

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Get this!

*If you stopped by earlier and couldn't get the links to work, try it again...they work now. I'm not real gifted in the tech world!*

So I was reading this yesterday. I went to high school with Sabrina and somehow we have reconnected in the blog world. I ran across the information on Operation Christmas Child and fell in love with the idea.

Anne and I just had a heart to heart and she said "I LOVE to help people". So today, we are going to put our shoe box together.

The deadline is fast approaching, so check it out and think about it. It gives that warm and toasty feeling on the inside! :) Who doesn't LOVE that feeling!
How cool!

~Chat soon!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

What am I doing??

So, Sunday at church, I was listening to the sermon. I was also wrestling Kate who thinks she owns the stained glass windows, so my concentration from time to time was disrupted.

That being said, I caught a very important message. Basically, Pastor S. said, it is not okay just to sit there and "look like your doing something".

We really need to be REACHING OUT and helping people. He gave many ideas, tithing, missions etc. It really hit me. I can't say why, it just did. Then I was perusing through the blog 'Whatever' earlier this week and saw this . I thought to myself, SOMEONE is REALLY trying to get a message across to me. I have read several stories this week that are true signs of doing something that has MEANING. It just makes me ask..."What am I doing?" I know that it isn't really a question that can be answered. Everyday actions have meaning, that convey a message that you are a Christian. You aren't just sitting in the pew on Sunday's corralling your youngsters, hoping they pick up a bit of the message as well. It just has been weighing on me this week.

The cool thing is, several things have come up this week that have made me say 'THIS IS WHAT I'M DOING!!!!!'.

That Lord, He works in mysterious ways, doesn't He???

~Chat soon!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Not typical...

I begin this post with an apology.
You'll figure out why as you read.

I have type 1 diabetes.
I have had it since I have been other words a very LONG time.
I have been on the insulin pump for 9 years the end of this month.
Usually, I am in good control, but on an occasion there is a hiccup.
Well, today was the hiccups of hiccups.
My blood sugar maxed out at 450. (normal being between 80-120) I'm not sure why. (the mystery of the pump from time to time)
It was almost lunch time. I got my students to recess and started troubleshooting. No answers.
I took correction doses and waited, and waited, and waited.
For those of you that aren't diabetic, the feeling of a very high blood sugar is the worst hangover feeling you have or have not ever had. Nauseous, headache, fuzzy brain, incredibly sleepy, etc.
It is not a fun experience, especially at work.
I picked my kids up and was still waiting for the blood sugar to drop.
Tick, tick, tick.
I was testing every 5-10 minutes. Very foolish, but I am both stubborn and impatient (not a good combo.) and I had to know if it was dropping or was I dealing with something else.
Finally, about 45 minutes after taking a shot, it dropped, a hefty 250 points to be exact.
Not exactly a grand feeling either, but I was thankful, it was correcting and I was going to be feeling better fast.

There really is no rhyme or reason to this entry, except to verify that I use this truly for a living journal and today was rough.

It also proves that the Walk For Diabetes must continue, and hopefully there will be very little time before we hear the wonderful announcement that we can toss our pumps, tubes, vials and all the stuff out the WINDOW! :) *thank you again for all the supporters to this years walk!*

Another thing, I don't usually talk about my diabetes, if I do, it is usually humorous, or informative, never whiny or self-pity. So I apologize for saying all this today. I am in no way seeking some one's pity...just venting. If anything, asking for a prayer that those scientist keep working their tail feathers off...the cure will be here soon. So very soon.

~chat soon!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Surprises on Sundays....

Sunday, I took Anne to the Fairy Tale Tea at the Magic House. She didn't know we were going until that morning, AFTER church! :)
It was priceless.
Anne was so excited YOU could feel it.

It included all the fixins' making, china tea cups, scones, cookies, the Fairy Godmother, Prince Charming, and of COURSE Cinderella! (who really was beautiful!!!)

The best part was when Anne asked Cinderella if she could see her shoes...(the room got fuzzy for me, thinking she had a pair of dirty ol' converse under that dress...NOT that there is anything wrong with that, but how crushing for a 4year old Cinderella worship-er)-Cinderella pulled that dress up to reveal...THE GLASS SLIPPERS! OH MY GOODNESS OH MY GOODNESS! Anne looked as if she had just discovered gold!

It's moments like this that just make me want to bottle and keep on a shelf.

May sound crazy...but that's just US!!!!

~Chat soon!

Real quick...

After hugging Anne she smiled from ear to ear. I asked her what she was so happy about.

She says "You always smell like cupcakes, and I LOVE that."

HA! Glad I picked up the last bottle of 'eue due cupcake', at the store last week! :)

Happy Monday
~Chat soon

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Indian Summer

After a week straight of rain last week, isn't this weather GREAT?

It's a touch on the warm side, if I can be honest. BUT it works! :) We hung out with Julie and company today. It was great. So much fun. We even went to Jackson's soccer game. Fun. He scored several goals.
Anne professed to me at nap time, that 'she would really like to have a soccer team too.' In the same breath she said, 'or maybe just a pretend one'. :) HA! She is her mother's daughter! :)

On another note, my heart is heavy.
A coworker and friend of mines, husband
has been deployed and left today for Afghanistan.
She is expecting her second child in mid December.
If you think about, say a prayer for Shannon, Abe, Kate and baby #2.
Tough days ahead for them.

I'm thankful for all I have tucked in beds tonight! :)
~Chat soon!
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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

An Admission...

So Halloween isn't my most favorite of 'events'.

Not even as a kid.

I'm not the biggest fan of creepy things or strangers so there you have it, not a good one for me.

BUT since becoming a mom-I'm secretly getting into it.

The girls costumes were cute. Kate was a pumpkin, circa 2006. Anne was a fairy, skirt crafted by me. (I'm a little proud of it, I'm not the craftiest of gals, so it was a big deal). They both were adorable and were able to trick or treat after the germ infestation during the previous week.

I was thinking though, that I am going to put on the April ballot that ALL Halloweens be on a Friday or Saturday. Would you be willing to vote YES? ;)

~Chat soon!

*Sorry for the wierd order of the pictures...I am multitasking while posting the pictures. :/

Monday, November 2, 2009

A sick joke...

Time change.
Full moon.

Really? This MUST be a sick joke.

*this was to be written yesterday but i felt like i was on a ship that was going down.*

Hoping for a great today! :)

~Chat soon!