Saturday, November 30, 2013


random pic of sweet kate.  ballerina jammies and a camo hat.  yup. that's just kate! :)

thanksgiving is behind us now.
ours was fun.
I swear I feel like I have been hit by a train....but for some reason thanksgiving usually does that to me. 
yesterday I had this nutso idea to tear apart the closet in our bedroom.  it was filled to the brim.  i'm almost done.  it nearly killed me.  but I didn't sweat or curse through any of it.  and for my standards, that was a great job done! :)
I've gone crazy with purging our stuff.  we have been married too long to just keep stuff.  and the girls are starting to quickly get out of the baby stuff age (and have been for some time) so that has to go too. 
I'm proud to say....some of the drawers in our house are EMPTY.  HOLY MOLY! 
I've said it before, and I'll say it again-I'm a neat nick stuck in a slobs (such a negative word) body.  Keeping things organized is extremely hard for me.  but maybe now that I'm the wise old age of 36, I can handle it more???  Who knows.
Needless to say, it feels good to have it done.

November is wrapping up.  December is ramping up.  I am so excited.  so are the girls.  Tomorrow we get our tree(s).  I CAN"T WAIT!

~chat soon!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

lets get this show on the road....

my awesome helper
never have made a pumpkin pie.  these little dudes were cranky. did NOT want to get done.
ready to rest in the nice warm overn
keeping it real

In about two hours, we will have a house full of people for Adam's family Thanksgiving.
I just love cooking.  And oddly enough, all day long.  I'm in heaven. 
Haven't even sweat over anything today.
Don't think I said a bad word. 
I'm doing good! 
I did just spill a boat load of turkey broth over the big one needs to cry over spilled...broth!
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Saturday, November 23, 2013

just a little funky...

so I admit...I've been in a slight stage of funk-ville the past few days or maybe even a week.
not sure why, really.
seemed like everything minor that could have gone wrong did.
I mean everything.
today, things are better.  and for that i'm grateful. 
if you are wondering what happened here it is in no particular order...

*anne knocking an entire roll of toilet paper into the master bath toilet.
me forgetting about it until the next morning after several people overlooked it and FLUSHED.
*anne taking a nasty spill on the blacktop prompting the school nurse to call and tell us to come get her and have it looked at.
*a 'pop in' observation/evaluation done on me as I was teaching.  I mistook the tone of the evaluation report causing tears and sheer panic through a whole lunch period, spent alone, in my classroom. 
*a crazy group of 3rd grade girls after school during a daisy meeting. need I say more.
*an angry parent at a meeting. makes me poop a little every time, even 15 years after my first meeting with an angry parent.
*falling down the steps this morning after finding socks for adam that he needed.  bounced down 3 steps on my BUTT-thank the Lord, only my butt.  foot is fine, but butt is SORE! 
*a certain little girl who is testing my mom-patience button.  oh help me....
* and I may or may not be feeling like I have a sore throat. 4 days and counting our house is hosting adams family for thanksgiving eve-dinner.  I can not.will not.shall not. feel like I am sick! no way, no how!

I feel like there were at least 15 other things that went 'wrong'. and in the grand scheme of life, and people that I know, and deal with on a daily basis, this is strictly trite and comical.  but, just but, sometimes, when it all happens at once, it can be a really big ordeal.

looking forward to a fresh start to this next week.

thankful for so many things that are going right!
~chat soon!

Monday, November 11, 2013

fall fun.


So in mid October, the girls had their fall parties.
I was off that day due to having parent teacher conferences for two evenings in a row. 
I decided that I OF COURSE could attend the party.  AND coordinate the snack and games for Anne's party.  Cleary, when I signed up for those ideas I was either delirious or on some sort of an ego trip thinking I COULD DO IT ALL.
It all went fine, the girls were excited I could be there, and everyone had fun. 
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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Kate's birthday

birthday girl
the raccoon at the Halloween carnival
anne heading out on a trail ride, she was terrified
rocket launching.  kate refused to push the button.
beautiful fall day.
my chicks.
birthday girl being crazy
opening her dollie.  it's NOT an American girl...but she is SURE it is! :)
love these two.
heading to the carnival

anne starting to waver on her courage about the mile long trail ride.
This is long overdue. 
Kate turned six 2 weeks ago.  The girls were off school just about the whole week.  We decided to surprise the girls and take them to trout lodge for Kate's birthday weekened.
We just have
It was great.  There were a few hiccups...(scarey "family friendly" hayride-not being able to trick or treat ending early due to candy running out) but all in all, it was a great time.
We have never stayed late into the day Sunday because one of us always wants to get back home.  But this visit we stayed till after lunch.  It did make the departure even harder, but it was a GREAT weekend!

The pictures are in ABSOLUTLEY no order...but you can get the gist!
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Friday, November 8, 2013

happy friday.

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Happy Friday.  Happy Fall.
Hoping for a very.calm.weekend.
please and thank you.

Friday, November 1, 2013


We survived Halloween, yet again.
It was wet, but the rain stopped in time for treating. 
The girls had a blast.  They both fell at least once.
Kate has scratched glasses...but the candy did not spill out of the bucket! :)
Here is to November 1, the farthest we are from October 31 all year! 
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