Sunday, November 10, 2013

Kate's birthday

birthday girl
the raccoon at the Halloween carnival
anne heading out on a trail ride, she was terrified
rocket launching.  kate refused to push the button.
beautiful fall day.
my chicks.
birthday girl being crazy
opening her dollie.  it's NOT an American girl...but she is SURE it is! :)
love these two.
heading to the carnival

anne starting to waver on her courage about the mile long trail ride.
This is long overdue. 
Kate turned six 2 weeks ago.  The girls were off school just about the whole week.  We decided to surprise the girls and take them to trout lodge for Kate's birthday weekened.
We just have
It was great.  There were a few hiccups...(scarey "family friendly" hayride-not being able to trick or treat ending early due to candy running out) but all in all, it was a great time.
We have never stayed late into the day Sunday because one of us always wants to get back home.  But this visit we stayed till after lunch.  It did make the departure even harder, but it was a GREAT weekend!

The pictures are in ABSOLUTLEY no order...but you can get the gist!
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