Saturday, October 25, 2014

these two....

these two...are birthday buds.
and they have a birthday today.
this photo is from last year and I ran across it looking for something else. 
love these two with
i'm sure it has nothing to do with their birthday dates, but these two are birds of a feather! :)
happy birthday you two!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

fall is here....

last weekend we had a full family fun weekend.
anne had two soccer games.  we weren't expecting to play since it was a very, very wet weekend.
BUT we did.  it got us up early, so that was a good thing.
we went apple picking after the 8am game.  I just LOVE apple picking. 
the girls still do too-which makes my heart sing!

Sunday, October 5, 2014


so today was the annual JDRF walk to raise funds to help find a cure for stinkin' type 1 diabetes.

it was a beautiful day.
 a little hectic, a new location and we didn't know where to go etc.  but with minutes to spare, we met up and carried on. 
our team was smaller then in the past, but preliminary counts say that Team Treetop raised $1070.00.  TINY BUT MIGHTY! :)
if you are reading this and supported our team.  please know I thank you from the bottom of my heart. 
Chat soon!

the kids

the group


obnoxious shirts

friends together.

we had a view of the arch this year

found a cake!

too big/cool for the bouncy houses-so they picked up a football and went. (LOVE!)

hello blurry-but you get the sweetness.

adam and Sydney watching with a cautious eye.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

New Orleans

last weekend, we went to new Orleans for a wedding of one of Adam's cousins.  it was  honestly, in the beginning, I thought it would be a 'fine' trip.  there was much to do before we could get out of town.  kids planning, school planning, planning for the trip.  I love to plan trips, but I couldn't get my head around this trip at.all.
 it turned out to be one of our favorite mini vacations yet-
we saw some craaaazzzzzy stuff, heard great music, ate tons of wonderful food, and just all around enjoyed the city.  The architecture was amazing.  after looking at the photos, I clearly loved the buildings.  we also rode one of those carts that are pulled by a bike.  we took a selfie-which adam hates, and it looks as if we are in a wind tunnel, our face is sucked back, looks ridiculous.  too ridiculous to share!  but we rode one-TWICE! 
we took a ferry across the river to see adam's aunt and uncle for dinner.  this is nola from the other side. ;)

grossest place on earth.  but I guess I can say I've been there....

this was a human. no lie.

St. Louis Cathedral

Fun at the French Market. :)

another one.  human.

third one. 

Jackson square.  interesting. kind of like an adult circus.

a pirate and his wife. oh, and don't forget the parrot.


so fun.

didn't work.  I tried it out.

little courtyard. love this.

hard to make out-but all old sewing machines.