Saturday, October 4, 2014

New Orleans

last weekend, we went to new Orleans for a wedding of one of Adam's cousins.  it was  honestly, in the beginning, I thought it would be a 'fine' trip.  there was much to do before we could get out of town.  kids planning, school planning, planning for the trip.  I love to plan trips, but I couldn't get my head around this trip at.all.
 it turned out to be one of our favorite mini vacations yet-
we saw some craaaazzzzzy stuff, heard great music, ate tons of wonderful food, and just all around enjoyed the city.  The architecture was amazing.  after looking at the photos, I clearly loved the buildings.  we also rode one of those carts that are pulled by a bike.  we took a selfie-which adam hates, and it looks as if we are in a wind tunnel, our face is sucked back, looks ridiculous.  too ridiculous to share!  but we rode one-TWICE! 
we took a ferry across the river to see adam's aunt and uncle for dinner.  this is nola from the other side. ;)

grossest place on earth.  but I guess I can say I've been there....

this was a human. no lie.

St. Louis Cathedral

Fun at the French Market. :)

another one.  human.

third one. 

Jackson square.  interesting. kind of like an adult circus.

a pirate and his wife. oh, and don't forget the parrot.


so fun.

didn't work.  I tried it out.

little courtyard. love this.

hard to make out-but all old sewing machines.

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