Monday, June 29, 2015


the girls got a piano keyboard for Christmas. 
we set them up with an excellent piano teacher through a connection from church.
mrs. rose said the first time they met "do you have any questions?"
kate squeaked out...."do we HAVE to do the recital?"
mrs. rose just smiled and said....'we will handle that later...'
the day came. the last day of school was the recital.
the girls were keyed up BIGTIME.
I really thought anne might have a fit she was so nervous.
both girls did an amazing job at their pieces.
I was so proud of them!!!
sweet. nervous. nervous. kate!

concentrating her brains out.


so relieved they were.

sweet mrs. rose with the girls
~chat soon!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

growing up.

so. time has passed. kate has been riding her bike. happily. with training wheels.
this weekend she said I want to ride my bike without training wheels.
adam took them of.
I was not overly pleased because we leave for vacation soon and I don't need a bike accident! :)
she worked for about two hours on Saturday and MASTERED RIDING WITHOUT WHEELS!
that girl is just an awesome little soul.
she didn't complain. she didn't whine.
she just talked. constantly about wanting to ride like the rest of the kids. 

she even had a little cheer leader following her!

~Chat soon!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

big deal

so. i just got back from putting anne. on a bus. to go to camp. with our church. for FOUR DAYS.
this is a HUGE deal for this momma.
BUT we made it.  she was so excited.  i was extremely nervous-but it all stayed in, (all meaning, tears and anything else that may want to come out)
in the nervousness of the morning i of course didn't take my camera, so i got very few pictures.  this one though is my favorite.
the little girl to the right and anne made big buds the second they were grouped.
i'm so happy for her.
but friday does seem forever away.
~chat soon!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

a hiccup.

so promptly after paying for the berries, we hustled over the little restaurant on site of the orchard. take the above photo and sit down for lunch.
kate proceeds to complain of an ear ache.  okie dokie.  she had had a cold for a few days, call the doctor, who  fits us in.  just a sinus infection.  go to grocery to pick up script.  i look over my shoulder to see anne with fire red cheeks and glassy eyes.  get home.  102.8*  WHAT THE WHAT?
so we took Tuesday off from the planned agenda of the cousins.

Monday, June 8, 2015

and then there were strawberries to pick

we LOVE strawberry picking.
the window on picking those beautiful gems was closing and susan was kind of enough to say SURE WE WILL GO!
so we went.
don't worry, it was cold.
and i wasn't going to fight that old hag mother nature-so i wore a fleece.  and let susan borrow one of mine.
it was so fun.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

and more yet.

we can't be with the cousins without BOWLING!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

more of cousin fun.

last year we tie-died.  this year we decided we had to do it again.
i could do it all the time.


we went to the grizzly's game while susan and co were in town as well.
it was FREEEEEEEEEZING.  but we had a blast.  i refused to accept 55* weather in June, so I wore flip flops-mother nature didn't care.
it was a blast.
anne kept score the whole game.
the kids interacted with the entertainment folks at the game, and even ran the bases at the end.
i swear.  these kids have the life! ;)

~chat soon