Monday, October 31, 2011

Sunday, October 30, 2011

out of touch.

that's me.
i'm out of touch.
with a lot of things. (ha)
we still do not have internet at home.
i can not access most fun things on my work's internet (like blogs)
so i am completely out of touch.
things are good. i think.
lots of birthday parties, soccer games, laundry, papers to grade, dinners to make, girlscout meetings to have, laundry, adam working a lot, sore throats, halloween, know life.
yesterday, someone asked if 'they should be worried adam is always working and never seems to be with us.'
after almost wanting to jump down the person's throat, i calmly said:
everything is fine.  he has just moved his business.  his customers don't care that he moved.  they still have wants and needs.  in order to get everything accomplished it requires twelve hour days on the weekends.
it stinks.  but it's life.  its the life we chose and it will get better.
so if anyone else is wondering if we are on the rocks...
we aren't.
we are as secure as we were before the move. 
we just see each other less. :)
~chat soon!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

happy birthday

to sweet kate who is 4.
and pawpaw bob (my dad) who is well...a pawpaw's age. ;)
the coolest thing ever that they share birthdays.
love it.
they are truly birthday buds.
i don't know who is more in love with who! :)
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Saturday, October 15, 2011

i think....

these kids are cute!
don't know when in the world they got so big, though!
happy fall!
~chat soon!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


the last post was about anne and sports.
really not her thing.
now artsy stuff, totally.
always has been.
the girl can draw for HOURS.
friday night, adam and i were chatting after dinner and she came running in the kitchen.
YOU HAVE TO SEE MY PICTURE. I DREW MAYA (from the pbs show maya and miguel)
so i went to look.
just by looking at her on the t.v.
she also then, drew adam.
he was sitting in a chair.  those things are CHAIR LEGS.

she also drew me.  i didn't take a picture.  the picture wasn't bad.  but i looked like a cross between and elephant and a troll.  maybe that is how she sees me.  no wonder she things eva's mom is BEAUTIFUL!  :)

so apparently, sports may not be her thing at the moment, but art is totally up her ally!  i'm good with that.
~chat soon!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

decision maker.

anne has always been able to make a decision.
she generally doesn't just do it because someone told her it was a good idea.
this year i asked her if she wanted to join choir, at our church.
she immediately said YES!
she is also playing soccer.
the other night, she told me, 'i think i want a break from sports.'
i asked her again after the game on saturday.
i explained that she was good , and i just didn't want her to feel she HAD to stop sports.
she said, NOPE, I really don't like to RUN.  well, running isn't horrible, but i DON'T LIKE TO RUN FAR, or FAST...
softball was okay, i didn't have to run far.  i would rather sing, or tap. 
okedoke then.
decision MADE!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

best idea ever!

so i love rachael ray.
have ever since i was on maternity leave with kate.
10am every weekday i would cuddle with kate, and watch rach.
i get her magazine.
the other day i was flipping through wondering why i keep all these dumb magazines.
the story says:
cook one day get 20 meals (or something similar)

so i read some more.
you cook 5 staple things (chicken breasts and thighs, rice pilaf, homemade tomato sauce, roasted peppers and onions, and pork shoulders.)and then freeze them.  after whipping together some ingredients you will have a wonderful dinner in 20 minutes. or that is what they say.... 

adam went to the store yesterday.  (he likes to grocery shop, i HATE it)
got me everything i needed. 
i went to town.
it was intense, messy, but oddly simple all at the same time.
i am going to try one or two of the recipes that it makes this week. 

the camera wouldn't focus on the pot of tomato sauce, so you get a picture of the can.  the pork i did today.  it took too long and i started too late in the day.
i will report later how the recipes turned out.  none of the items are things you have to only use in the recipes so i figured if we don't like what good old rachael says, then we can use the chicken for pot pie, dumplings, etc. 
don't know if you don't try.
~chat soon

Thursday, October 6, 2011


sunday was the walk.
we had an amazing time.
37ish people. (a few are missing from the picture above)
thanks to all who shared in the fun.
we made over $2,600.00 (preliminary count)
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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

fun at the patch.

yesterday, we celebrated some fun with susan.
anne had to go to school so we did this pumpkin patch occasion secretly.
it was fun. the little ones had a blast.
a beautiful, beautiful day!

~chat soon.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

says anne...

this weekend...
a-i need a laptop.
dad-oh, you think?  i don't think so.
a-yep. i do, we use them in school. when can i get one?
dad-not too soon.
a-but it will be great in the new playroom.
dad-i really don't see it happening too soon.
kate-I JUST NEED A SWINKY (slinky!)

today, anne says:
do you  know eva's mom?
yes. she is very nice.
a-yes, she is nice. and beautiful. do you think you could be beautiful like her?
me-well, uh, well, yes, eva's mother is very pretty.  do you think i'm not pretty?
a-well, sometimes, like last week at the soccer game.  and then today.  but most of the time when you taught 3rd grade you were pretty.  what grade do you think eva's mom teaches?
me-uh, well, i just don't know what grade she teaches.  have a nice day anne!

gotta love little kids.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

today we walk the walk...

to fight diabetes.
we are still walking.
won't stop till we find that ding dang cure.
40 people strong.
over 2,000 dollars raised.
can't hardly stand it.
it's an emotional day.  in a quiet, weird kind of way.
if you supported us, walked with us, or prayed for us, thank you.
thank you.
you don't know what it means to us, me, everyone who is affected by the big D!
but don't you worry...treetop enterprises is giving diabetes the BOOT! :)

our team LAST YEAR! :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

saturdays this fall.

you will see us at the soccer field.
if you know us.  you know we are NOT soccer people.
that is okay.  but, anne wanted to play.  last weekend was the first game.
she hadn't played yet, due to the fact that she broke her arm the day after her first practice.
it was painful to watch her play.
she did good.  but she was hot.  and crampy.
i just wanted to rescue her.  but i sat (tensly) in my seat, and let her do her thing.
she was a trooper. 
she told the coach's wife, 'i just don't like to sweat'.
totally her mother's daughter.

we're the team with the crazy socks....

game face is ON!