Thursday, October 13, 2011


the last post was about anne and sports.
really not her thing.
now artsy stuff, totally.
always has been.
the girl can draw for HOURS.
friday night, adam and i were chatting after dinner and she came running in the kitchen.
YOU HAVE TO SEE MY PICTURE. I DREW MAYA (from the pbs show maya and miguel)
so i went to look.
just by looking at her on the t.v.
she also then, drew adam.
he was sitting in a chair.  those things are CHAIR LEGS.

she also drew me.  i didn't take a picture.  the picture wasn't bad.  but i looked like a cross between and elephant and a troll.  maybe that is how she sees me.  no wonder she things eva's mom is BEAUTIFUL!  :)

so apparently, sports may not be her thing at the moment, but art is totally up her ally!  i'm good with that.
~chat soon!

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