Tuesday, October 4, 2011

says anne...

this weekend...
a-i need a laptop.
dad-oh, you think?  i don't think so.
a-yep. i do, we use them in school. when can i get one?
dad-not too soon.
a-but it will be great in the new playroom.
dad-i really don't see it happening too soon.
kate-I JUST NEED A SWINKY (slinky!)

today, anne says:
do you  know eva's mom?
yes. she is very nice.
a-yes, she is nice. and beautiful. do you think you could be beautiful like her?
me-well, uh, well, yes, eva's mother is very pretty.  do you think i'm not pretty?
a-well, sometimes, like last week at the soccer game.  and then today.  but most of the time when you taught 3rd grade you were pretty.  what grade do you think eva's mom teaches?
me-uh, well, i just don't know what grade she teaches.  have a nice day anne!

gotta love little kids.

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