Sunday, October 9, 2011

best idea ever!

so i love rachael ray.
have ever since i was on maternity leave with kate.
10am every weekday i would cuddle with kate, and watch rach.
i get her magazine.
the other day i was flipping through wondering why i keep all these dumb magazines.
the story says:
cook one day get 20 meals (or something similar)

so i read some more.
you cook 5 staple things (chicken breasts and thighs, rice pilaf, homemade tomato sauce, roasted peppers and onions, and pork shoulders.)and then freeze them.  after whipping together some ingredients you will have a wonderful dinner in 20 minutes. or that is what they say.... 

adam went to the store yesterday.  (he likes to grocery shop, i HATE it)
got me everything i needed. 
i went to town.
it was intense, messy, but oddly simple all at the same time.
i am going to try one or two of the recipes that it makes this week. 

the camera wouldn't focus on the pot of tomato sauce, so you get a picture of the can.  the pork i did today.  it took too long and i started too late in the day.
i will report later how the recipes turned out.  none of the items are things you have to only use in the recipes so i figured if we don't like what good old rachael says, then we can use the chicken for pot pie, dumplings, etc. 
don't know if you don't try.
~chat soon

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  1. I'm fond of that formula, and others that are make once/eat twice (but reinvented). I'm also a fan of my crock pot too. I use it about once a week these days to get 2-3 meals out of it. Can't wait to see how your new formula turned out!