Saturday, May 23, 2015

1 and 4

well. yesterday arrived.
the last day of school for anne and kate.
i was not as teary as normal.  i kept myself occupied with other thoughts-mainly about summer fun. ;)
but don't be confused that i was enjoying that day!
anne will be headed to the 'middle school'.  at the elementary campus, they do not have enough room to house the 5th graders-so they move them with much excitement to the middle school.  anne seems to be unshaken by the idea.  she is super excited about being able to chew gum all day and have lockers.  i am

both girls had a great year.  they grew leaps and bounds both academically and emotionally.
here is to a great summer.

~chat soon!
First day of school-August
Last day of school-May

Anne with Mrs. Brannan-homeroom teacher

Mrs. Endorf-Anne's math, and reading teacher

Kate's sweet 1st grade teacher Mrs. Schmidt

Thursday, May 21, 2015

note to self

day 1 of summer break.
the day i am going to forever change my eating and exercise routine. not only mine, but my families too.
but today-i need to try it first.
so i did.  the carpool came for the girls and I started my new routine.
1. get dressed.
2. eat two fresh eggs, once slice toast, one large cup coffee.
3. lace up tennis shoes.
4. set smart phone to track my distance.
5. head out.  decide to change up route.
6. enjoy the cool breeze.
7. realize that NEVER in your life should you slurp down a LARGE cup of coffee without risking the chance of a major gastro intestinal event.  While you are very far away from home.

That is all.
Carry on with your day! :)
Tomorrow I will re-try this.  After I drank water only.
~chat soon!