Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Farewell to August...

We loved you.

Our time with you was oh so short.

Sno-cones and swimming pools will be missed.

See you in 12 months!

~Chat soon

Monday, August 30, 2010

Carnival & Carnies

So this past weekend was the first annual CCLS school carnival.
I can't remember the last time I had been to a carnival.
The school talked it up, big time, for fundraising purposes.
It is supposed to eliminate the sale of cookie dough, wrapping paper, coupon books etc. COOL!Anne had been talking about it for days. She couldn't wait.
The day had finally come.
We piled into the car and arrived at church.
After a quick observation, I noticed the severity of the Carnie's (you know, the carnival ride people...). I had often heard of them, but don't know if I really have ever seen one-in real life.
Okay, so after I recovered from that...
We got settled, figured out our game plan and went on our way.
We enjoyed games, cool beverages, games, maybe another beverage, and finally it was time for the RIDES!
There was your usual, scrambler, cars on a track type thing, Ferris wheels, rocket type thing that shoots into the air, whips you around and then lands back down toward the parking lot...(barf!). As you may have read in this post, I'm not so hot on rides. But, I do secretly LOVE the Scrambler.
I digress-Anne took a couple spins on the cars, and decided to kick it up a notch and we headed toward the Scrambler. I told her I would go, to which Adam, said, 'No, you wait here, I'll go.' Alrighty-no arguments from me...
Fast forward to us waiting in the line-two 'Carnies' light their cigarettes, grab a wrench, no lie, that was as tall as Kate and start tightening up the bolts on one set of cars.
Adam's eyes met mine and we both tried to dismiss it as 'maintenance'. (or that is what the nice Pastor's wife tried to comfort us with)
They got on, Anne LOVED it. Adam, endured it for Anne's cause, but mentioned it wasn't as fun as he originally had planned on. (something about the weight of a grown man, being in a tin like structure, was just unsettling for him)
We bounced in the bounce house, and then Anne decided it was time for the Ferris Wheel...
I interjected I was solely at the carnival for picture taking purposes.
So, she asked Adam, who responded, much to my surprised that he would go with her.
Once again, we waited in a line, visiting with the others, sidetracking Kate with juice boxes and so on...
It was time.
They stepped up.
Sat down and were locked in.
I was nervous for them.
But, Adam gave me a half smile and Anne was just oozing with excitement.
I was chit chatting with a fellow parent when I noticed out of the corner of my eye, Adam frantically waving at me.
I smiled and waved and continued talking...
Again, he is waving, but not in a kind way.
I mouth WHAT?
HAHAHAH. I laugh and wave back.
I giggled to the parent I was talking to that 'he says he needs off...'
I look back, he is yelling GET ME OFF OF HERE. NOW!
I said, HOW?
So I chuck the juice box to the parent, tell them to watch over Kate and trudge off to confront the Carnie.
Me-Excuse me, excuse me????
Carnie-Uh, Yeah?
Me- The car, um, I don't know, about the fourth one up, with the guy in the black shirt and the little blonde girl-they need off, NOW!
Carnie-Which car is it, babe?
Me-(nearing puke stage, 1/2 for the carnie calling me babe-1/2 for poor Adam...)
Carnie-Uh, sure, no problem.
With that he TRAMPS on the stick that makes the Ferris wheel go faster or slower and sends them UP AND AROUND. ( i had envisioned them backing the thing up just a few cars and they escaping from the living hell Adam was in.)
The Ferris wheel came to a stop, they unlocked Adam and Anne, and we proceeded toward the cold beverage stand. ;)
Anne only said once that 'she thought that was a short ride'. Mentioning later that 'maybe when she was older, she could do it again.'
Poor thing. (both of them)
Adam and I have been together the better part of twenty years and I seriously don't think I have one good story on him, as of this weekend, I think that may have changed!
Even after the drama of the Ferris wheel and having to confront a carnie, we had a GREAT time.
~chat soon!
p.s.-adam said he would sell 1,000 dollars worth of wrapping paper and coupon books in order to NEVER ride the Ferris wheel again. I'm STILL belly laughing!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

For the love of cousins!

There's nothing better when the cousins get together.

And when they bring their momma! :)

~Chat soon!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Feeling normal-sort of.

I have tons of stuff to blog about.
But, in order to get things in order around here, I am enslaved to my laundry room and finding flat surfaces again in our house!
Stay tuned, be patient.
I'll get everything figured out again, soon!
~Chat soon!

oh yeah, our JDRF Walk team is going like gangbusters fundraising. We raised our team goal because we are doing so good. If you are interested in donating to our Walk Team click here. (this would be donating to me, personally, you can search for Treetop Enterprises if you would like to donate to a different member of our team.) The team is less then 200 bucks from having a total of $1,500!!!!! WOWSERS!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

a bit of crankiness...

So I have been back to work, about a week or so.
The adjusting time has been a bit longer then usual.
Just can't quite get it all together...
Tuesday, Anne cried her eyes out when I left her in her classroom.
Many people have told me that this will happen.
I could hear my momma marking it off of the "things that Sara will call me about list". Of course, I spent the entire day wondering, worrying, pondering, stewing, to find out that SHE DID FINE!
Katherine is begging to go to Kindergarten.
I think she misses her sissy.
It's all just an adjustment.
That's all.
Right? RIGHT!
I have my Girlscout right of passage next Tuesday.
That's all I have to say about that.

Funny sayings by Anne over the past week...
Anne- 'Dad? Do you know I get to wear my POT SHIRT on Friday's?'
Adam- 'A POT SHIRT?'
Anne- 'You know the one that has the picture of the pot...'
*side note-Anne's school's motto this year is 'shaped to serve' with a picture of a pot that is made out of clay...so it has been deemed her POT SHIRT!

Anne-'DAD! How did you know the short cut to our school?'
Oh never mind, I always knew you were SMART!

Phone rings in my classroom.
Adam-Hey, is Anne supposed to wear her underwear under her leotard for gymnastics?
Me-It's her choice, whatever she wants.
Adam-well...Anne says that 'THAT'S MOMMA'S JOB!'

Did I tell you she is learning Spanish???????!?????!
Great. Now all I need is her to start talking in a language I DON'T KNOW!
~Chat soon!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

THE Wedding...

Click on the words "PICNIK SHOW" to begin the slide show. It's been a chore to get this to post and I still don't have it right!

Anne's wedding. Hope you enjoy.

It was beautiful.

I'm old and have been in my fair share of weddings and have witnessed brides at their best (and worst) moments and have NEVER seen such a calm bride.

We had a fantastic time Annie!

Hope you are having a great honeymoon! ;)

Chat soon!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy Monday...

More from the wedding...
Could be my favorite picture.
Along with the other 500 I took this weekend.
So much going on in the mirror...
~Chat soon!
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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Wedding weekend!


Our cousin, Annie got married this weekend!
It was a beautiful wedding!
We had so much fun.
This household has some catching up to do from all the fun the past few days!
Congrats to Anne & Jason.
They are oozing with love.
Thank you for sharing your beautiful weekend with us!
~Chat soon!
will post a lot more pictures as the days tick on! :)
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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

welp. part 2.

guess what. we survived.
all of us.
anne clara of course was champ.
her mother. a mess.
i'm not usually like that. at all. can generally keep my composure through most things. i was red, blotchy, and snotty. real attractive. almost feel i need to email the teacher and explain myself, but other then explaining i'm a freak, i don't have a lot to say...
but that is okay.
adam says i win the award of the most blubbering...
i told him to stick it. ;)
anne didn't see one tear of mine, so that is really all that matters.
she was a very excited, brave, girl.
i think that is what got to me.
someone very dear to me told me yesterday that all parents want the main goal of their child to be-strong, and responsible and are able to make decisions on their own...and that this is the first of about 1,000,000 baby steps that we will go through with her to make her into that adult! wow! that is right on.
as we saw anne walk into the class, and not blink an eye, walk to her cubby, put her things away, and make her way to the next thing, it just all came full circle. i think we may be creating that little human that we want her to be! :)
enough of that. let's get to the pictures!


it's here.
the day is here.
anne clara is going to kindergarten.
i haven't barfed, YET!
lunch is packed, uniform pressed and ready to go, friendship mix ingredient and little dolly to decorate in the backpack and by the front door...
here goes nothin'!

Monday, August 16, 2010


anne starts school tomorrow-in 24 hours, she is officially IN SCHOOL. lunches, homework, friends, long days at school, snack, drop off, pick up...
i start school wednesday. new principal, new students, new classroom environment...lots of new.
i signed up to be a girl scout leader. (those of you snickering, STOP IT!)
adam has a new employee (which for some reason, always gets me a little squirmy)
lots to do, and no where to go with it all...
i'm just plain nervous.
i admitted to my momma that i truly haven't had to be nervous over REAL stuff since marriage. adam does a lot of my thinking/worrying about real world stuff (sounds old fashion, it may be, but it's okay for me) i worry about silly things. but worrying and being nervous are two totally different things in my book.
this too shall pass and we will all laugh with me and at me at how big of a mess i am.
(its so bad i got a little teary over the thought of anne opening a milk container and spilling it all over her lunch tray-she will bring most days!)
so after reading this, maybe i'm not nervous maybe i'm NUTS!
just a lot of new change and a lot of time to anticipate it-gets me every time.
hope you have had a good giggle!
stay tuned for tomorrows post about Anne as a KINDERGARTNER!
pardon me, i need to go hurl.
~chat soon.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Family Business...

Adam is self employed. That isn't a secret. Right?

The secret is we DON'T have magical elves that do the production work. (ha.)
This time of year is insanely busy. He is the distributor for two private schools uniforms.
Adam feels it is best to do the production of the uniforms himself (embroidery, order filling etc.)
himself is code for we.
We have been working our tail feathers off getting the orders stitched, folded, bagged, boxed, and delivered.
As of today, August 12, everyone should be clothed on the first day of school.
It is quite a feet. I have to be honest.
Toward the end of the weekend we all were feeling the stress of it.
Girls were cranky.
Adam was tired.
I was bored out of my skull, if I saw yet one more piece of plaid fabric, I thought I might pass out!
Eventually, the girls got the great idea to join us.
We even put Kate to work!
Anne had to put her work uniform on ...cracked me up.
Thanks to their help (patience) we cranked it out in no time flat.
School starts Tuesday for both places.
Let the relaxation begin!
~Chat soon!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


It's hot man.

I mean hotter then hot.

So hot, you can't even go to the pool. (sin in my book right there!)

Last weekend was perfect. Just the right type of hot.

Turned on the sprinkler and the girls raaaan!

Hope everyone is staying cool.

~chat soon!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

you will never believe THIS....

I posted awhile ago about the JDRF walk that we are participating in, in October....my goal was 20 walkers, and just a little chunk of change to turn in. Most importantly, just to have a good time and for a cause.
WE HAVE FOURTEEN REGISTERED WALKERS (one flying in from ARIZONA!) and EIGHT HUNDRED DOLLARS and this is just a week after forming the team!
I have been caught running around being 'really excited Sara'. Which includes squealing and clapping-if you know me well, you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. (and its kind of ridiculous...)
Can you believe that? I just can't believe it!
How cool!
Can't wait to report in October what our final walker count and total of money raised was!
~Chat soon!
p.s.-if you are interested in donating click here (not so hot at solicitation...so this is about as pushy as I come. ;) )

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

dinner guest.

A few nights ago, we called Anne for dinner. We got a response close to, "I'm not ready, but be there in a second"
When she finally emerged from her room/bathroom, she had every piece of jewelry, hair decor, and chip clips (?!) that you can imagine! It was nice to have a visitor! ;)
~chat soon!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tale of two cupcakes...

I have always watched in amazement of how vastly different Anne Clara and Katherine are.
Anne is very, well, very much a girl. In love with fancy things, fairly calm, very imaginative, would chose a dress or skirt over tennis shoes and shorts any day...you get the drift.
Katherine, prefers to be in the buff. Doesn't need things to entertain her, she just kind of goes with the flow. All the while, being a MANIAC. She squeals, run, and jumps ANY chance she gets.
Adam took them both to the nearby bakery for donuts a morning recently...he came home with donuts for a breakfast and a treat for after lunch.
He says that the girls picked out the cupcakes all.by.themselves.
No help from him or anyone else.
Can you guess who picked what?! HA HA HA!
What a riot!
~Chat soon!
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Friday, August 6, 2010

whew. i think we passed...

So yesterday, was a big day. A real big day.
Mrs. Dittmer and Ms. Lynn came to our house.
The said names are Anne Clara's kindergarten teachers.
Yes, that's right, they came to.our.house.
I wasn't sure what to do.
Should I wear a skirt? Or would that seem weird.
Should I spray something in the house, bake cookies, like when you sell it...you are supposed to make it smell nice.
Should Anne dress super cute, or should she pick her outfit like normal.
You guessed it, I was nervous.
Even had a stomach ache a little.
But, they came.
We talked.
Anne was good.
Kate behaved.
I didn't bake cookies.
Anne picked her outfit.
I wore a skirt.
Adam came home 3/4 of the way through the visit.
The visit went great. Anne didn't act weird and shy. Kate didn't yell ME TOO ME TOO too many times...They didn't think the deer head and pheasant mounts were weird-it was great.
I'm now actually, dare I say, excited about Anne and kindergarten.
I think, it's going to be great. Anne does too.
~Chat soon.
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Thursday, August 5, 2010

cool thoughts....

Hoping you are staying cool!
Several days of 110 plus heat indices...I'm dreaming of SNOW!
~Chat soon!
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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

open minds...

this one cracks me up...all the riders look like they are on a elevator. anne-totally hamming it up.

Yesterday was a HUGE day.
Anne and I went to Six Flags.
Here's a little secret, I don't like heights, being upside down, or actually closed in.
So yeah, an amusement park, ain't quite my thing! :)
BUT-I did it for Anne.
I had a free ticket, as did Anne.
How could we pass that up?
One of the girls from the babysitter asked if I would like to go with her and her girls this summer.
I said 'sure'.
And then realized what I said....
We made plans, and I fretted.
What if Anne figured out my fear? What if she has the same fear?
How do I get her NOT to have the fear I have?
Sooo much to think about.
Anne had been studying the map for the park for about a week.
She cracked me up. She had everything planned out and organized in her head.
It was forcasted to be THE SECOND HOTTEST DAY (the first being the day I took her to the zoo....).
Crissy picked us up from the meeting spot, I picked all, and i mean ALL of my fingernails off on the way there...
but at the end of the day-WE HAD A BLAST!
Anne turned out to be quite adventurist-I didn't take my good camera so I was a little backwards on my old one.
The pictures turned out not so great...but you can get a glimmer of how fun it was.
We will go back next year.
The nerves are NOT invited! :)
Open minds are!
~Chat soon!
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Monday, August 2, 2010

summer time...

we had friends over this weekend.
good ol' friends.
the kind you have forever and can pick up right where you left off.
all of the sudden i said....'i need to take pictures of THIS!'
jules said in her ever so calm voice 'i was wondering when you were going to do that!'
thanks for the great time guys!
went a little crazy with picnik editing...but had fun in the process. ;)
~chat soon!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

any takers?


I have decided, I am running away.
To a location very similar to the one in the photo. One that has waves, and salty water.
Gladly take company.
I will run a small school in a tent on the beach. (in order to feel useful!)
You can do whatever you want.
A gal can wish...
~chat soon!
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