Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Eve Fun!

So. the day that is very slow and relaxed in our house, for just a bit.
Susan arrived late last night, and everyone is anxious to get together.
But first, I need to wake up.
Christmas Eve, was so much fun.  The girls have gotten very involved in church.  They had MANY jobs in the Family Service.  My (our) hearts were bursting the whole time. 
Here are a few highlights from the service.

we were in charge of lighting the advent wreath.  well. actually Anne and Adam.  Kate and I had to turn the wreath.

SHEW! Nothing burned down!

dollies dancing to Joy to the World.

they were so precious


getting ready to sing....

my favorite part of Christmas at this exact moment!
Then....we headed to Adam's parents for the annual Christmas Eve events.
Always so fun.

Chef hats from Aunt Stacey A HUGE HIT! :)

Bon Appetite!

traditional reading of Twas The Night Before Christmas
~Chat Soon!

Monday, December 22, 2014

christmas carols...

we had a busy week of Christmas music events.
 Monday was the annual school advent service.  always a treat.  hot, crowded, and lengthy, but I loved every second.  the girls were super cute.  I could only see anne from where I was seated, but I know kate was cute too. ;)



all fancy for the advent service

Saturday was our traditional trip to the symphony for the holiday concert.  A BLAST.  I took my camera, but forgot the memory card-duh.

Sunday-the yearly Christmas Cantata at church.  The girls sang their hearts out.  It just made my heart swell. So proud of their dedication .

Cantata.  Kate was so sweet and sincere

She loves to sing!

the whole shebang

They just love the cantata as do we.  The teacher is amazing and the talent oozes from all of them

~chat soon!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

amazon isn't a rainforest anymore....

i just laughed out loud when I read what I typed as the title....
but it's true.
it is my new best friend/shopping support this Christmas season.
since Thanksgiving, I think I *MAY* have gone into two stores to actually 'shop'. 
it's been awesome.
I will admit-I lose track of myself a bit, and may or may not need to return a couple impulse buys, but other then that....I LOVE the sound of the u.p.s. truck roaring down our street!

Sunday, December 14, 2014


on thanksgiving, aaron, adam's brother suggested we go to see santa the next day.  he arrives via helicopter.  I was hestitant.  then dreamed about the copter crashing.
we went anyway. and guess what?  we survived and had an awesome time!
I just love santa....


who knew....he was ate at the same place we did!

santa said....wait a minute! I saw you both already....giggles all around!

~chat soon!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

December is HERE!

December is here and we have been having fun. 
Santa has been spotted.
A Santa imposter has showed up for dinner....
we have been trying to go slow and enjoy this wonderful season. 

this picture makes me bust a gut!

chat soon!

Sunday, November 30, 2014


Thanksgiving was great this year. 
We had everyone here at the same time.
It was so yummy.  Everyone brought something so it wasn't 'too much' to do.
Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.  I just LOVE it.  The food, the family, the season, just perfect!
making the brine the day before

they love helping

1. i'm not that much taller then aunt linda.  2.  she was reading the steps of the gravy making process. 3. mom thought we needed to take a picture

turkey was perfect ( I was very proud of it!)

always the serious adam

gravy boats

in laws

the spread

aunt Linda's birthday present. :)
there was lots of excitement so pictures are blurry...but you can get the drift.  it was a fun night!

Sunday, November 16, 2014


Happy Fall to you too, Mother Nature!
~chat soon!

Saturday, November 15, 2014


so. some time has passed, and kate has turned SEVEN.  SEVEN.  WHAT in the WORLD?
her birthday was a little different this year.
Adam was out of town-and she was ticked.
but we managed to survive and had a great time besides the star of her world being gone. ;)
crazy girl

favorite thing....PRESENTS

super mom didn't even make a cake, or have a birthday candle.  we went for cupcakes and tea lights.

I think she was happy anyway!

actual birthday.  fresh out of the tub-ready for the little mermaid.

big girl scarf!

her favorite thing-rocks!  she got a rock kit!

off to meemaws and pa pas for dinner- JUSTICE GIFT CARD!  and a RAKE :)

happy birthday dad!

happy birthday kate!

love this.
while it wasn't my best organized birthday preparations-I think she still loved her day!
~chat soon!