Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Eve Fun!

So. the day that is very slow and relaxed in our house, for just a bit.
Susan arrived late last night, and everyone is anxious to get together.
But first, I need to wake up.
Christmas Eve, was so much fun.  The girls have gotten very involved in church.  They had MANY jobs in the Family Service.  My (our) hearts were bursting the whole time. 
Here are a few highlights from the service.

we were in charge of lighting the advent wreath.  well. actually Anne and Adam.  Kate and I had to turn the wreath.

SHEW! Nothing burned down!

dollies dancing to Joy to the World.

they were so precious


getting ready to sing....

my favorite part of Christmas at this exact moment!
Then....we headed to Adam's parents for the annual Christmas Eve events.
Always so fun.

Chef hats from Aunt Stacey A HUGE HIT! :)

Bon Appetite!

traditional reading of Twas The Night Before Christmas
~Chat Soon!

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