Monday, December 22, 2014

christmas carols...

we had a busy week of Christmas music events.
 Monday was the annual school advent service.  always a treat.  hot, crowded, and lengthy, but I loved every second.  the girls were super cute.  I could only see anne from where I was seated, but I know kate was cute too. ;)



all fancy for the advent service

Saturday was our traditional trip to the symphony for the holiday concert.  A BLAST.  I took my camera, but forgot the memory card-duh.

Sunday-the yearly Christmas Cantata at church.  The girls sang their hearts out.  It just made my heart swell. So proud of their dedication .

Cantata.  Kate was so sweet and sincere

She loves to sing!

the whole shebang

They just love the cantata as do we.  The teacher is amazing and the talent oozes from all of them

~chat soon!

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