Wednesday, January 30, 2013

brave girl

this weekend we went for anne's annual bloodwork for the trigr study she is involved with for type 1 diabetes.
i almost forgot about the appointment and somehow on Friday night i remembered and said OH WOW!  ANNE we need go see miss marilyn tomorrow.  she kind of gave me a crooked smile and said 'no biggie mom, i'm tough!'
love that girl.
and tough she was not as easy as sometimes....her veins didn't want to cooperate and she was stuck twice.
but she did awesome and only complained a bit when we left. 
we headed straight to mcdonalds for a happy meal and ice cream sundae. 
as a side note, i got the results yesterday-and her labs came back fine!  praise the Lord!

Monday, January 28, 2013


so yesterday...i turned 36.
what in the world.
i'm so not a lover of birthdays....
it's not the age thing.  i think its that its a marker of time makes me realize the change that a year or years can make.
i miss my pop and grandma calling and singing to me.
i miss my grams sweet birthday card messages.
i miss past friends, that i don't see too often.
it's just a marker. and it makes you remember.
but.  then you have great kids, and a great husband, and great parents....and i'm so thankful.
i always think age is just weird.  i'm 36. but i think i'm 23.  so strange.
sometimes i have to seriuosly stop and say....
this is MY LIFE.
but i am.  and it is mine. and that makes me so happy.
i'm 36 and proud of all i have.

adam caught these pictures for me.  love them.
i mean just love them
had a great day.
i welcome 36.

Sunday, January 27, 2013


it was busy around here.
thinking i would love if tomorrow was an extra day-but it's monday.  so we all go back. :)
adam and i had an event on saturday night.  we decided to stay the night at the location. it was a blast.
except that we stayed out till 2:30 am.
so not us....on a late night we are up till 10:30 and i get all freaked out.
needless to say, we are not our best today. :)
we were downtown.  couldn't resist.


forgot the tripod.  balanced the camera on the ironing board and my makeup get the idea.  

have i ever told you how seeing my husband in a suit makes me weak-kneed?  well. it does.

Monday, January 21, 2013


anne has taken a love for reading.
she's always liked books, but reading wasn't her best skill.
with a little extra help from school-she is really doing well.
both girls recieved a flashlight for christmas.  it's the perfect size and the perfect brightness.
i noticed anne had hers by her bed the last few nights...
i walked in her room and discovered her under her sheets reading a book with the light shining bright.
it was way past her bedtime but we couldn't bear to break up the new love of anne and books.
~chat soon.
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Sunday, January 20, 2013


thought this was a perfect photo for this post...

so this past month has been heavy with bad news.

couples close to us divorcing.
untimly deaths of people near to those around us.
diagnosis of cancers and illnesses...
i'm just looking for a HUGE blast of GREAT NEWS!
the other night my heart was really, really heavy.
i guess i wasn't hiding it well.
anne wrapped her arms around my neck and said...
'you know what i'm excited about?'
anne-'getting my ears PIERED (pierced) in about 3 weeks...
**then she released my neck and ran away squealing.***
cutest thing ever.
i promise the posts will become more exciting and upbeat.
just whats going on right now...

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

been a while...

so. i haven't blogged in a bit...
if you have ever spoken to know i.despise.january.
i really, really do.
today is the 19th.  that means we are closing in on the end of the month. 
but then comes february. as my sister once said...the longest shortest month ever.
there is nothing bad going on...just blah.  dark, cold, naked months.
i love the holidays so's like i'm on a high from november 1-january 1 and then i come crashing down. 
it's supposed to be 60 degrees today-looks like the girls will need to put some dirt on their new bike tires and momma will need to breathe in some fresh air. ;)
don't worry-tomorrow it's supposed to be 30.  so we are back to square one.

Saturday, January 5, 2013


butterfly house photo-i took right before Christmas...

so my word for 2013 is PACE...
sometimes i struggle with keeping a good pace with everything.
it's hard.  getting everyone everywhere, remembering who is doing what, what is due when.
over the Christmas break, i loved having that brief time when it didn't matter what day it was or what time it was the perfect pace.
we were still productive, and accomplished many things but it was at the pace we needed to be going at.
some days it maybe a fast pace, others a slow one...
but i think that is the word for the year for me. 
i'm looking forward to figuring out the right pace(s)...i often look at other families and see them speeding all over the city-i can't keep up with 'that pace'...i get overwhelmed and frustrated.  i am also completely aware that some days will be like that, but for the sanity of my kids, my husband, and myself-we can't do that.
i suspect this little word going to work nicely, and cause a little less grey hair and haggered looking faces (mainly on me).
have a great weekend.
~chat soon!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013