Monday, January 28, 2013


so yesterday...i turned 36.
what in the world.
i'm so not a lover of birthdays....
it's not the age thing.  i think its that its a marker of time makes me realize the change that a year or years can make.
i miss my pop and grandma calling and singing to me.
i miss my grams sweet birthday card messages.
i miss past friends, that i don't see too often.
it's just a marker. and it makes you remember.
but.  then you have great kids, and a great husband, and great parents....and i'm so thankful.
i always think age is just weird.  i'm 36. but i think i'm 23.  so strange.
sometimes i have to seriuosly stop and say....
this is MY LIFE.
but i am.  and it is mine. and that makes me so happy.
i'm 36 and proud of all i have.

adam caught these pictures for me.  love them.
i mean just love them
had a great day.
i welcome 36.

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