Saturday, January 19, 2013

been a while...

so. i haven't blogged in a bit...
if you have ever spoken to know i.despise.january.
i really, really do.
today is the 19th.  that means we are closing in on the end of the month. 
but then comes february. as my sister once said...the longest shortest month ever.
there is nothing bad going on...just blah.  dark, cold, naked months.
i love the holidays so's like i'm on a high from november 1-january 1 and then i come crashing down. 
it's supposed to be 60 degrees today-looks like the girls will need to put some dirt on their new bike tires and momma will need to breathe in some fresh air. ;)
don't worry-tomorrow it's supposed to be 30.  so we are back to square one.

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