Saturday, January 5, 2013


butterfly house photo-i took right before Christmas...

so my word for 2013 is PACE...
sometimes i struggle with keeping a good pace with everything.
it's hard.  getting everyone everywhere, remembering who is doing what, what is due when.
over the Christmas break, i loved having that brief time when it didn't matter what day it was or what time it was the perfect pace.
we were still productive, and accomplished many things but it was at the pace we needed to be going at.
some days it maybe a fast pace, others a slow one...
but i think that is the word for the year for me. 
i'm looking forward to figuring out the right pace(s)...i often look at other families and see them speeding all over the city-i can't keep up with 'that pace'...i get overwhelmed and frustrated.  i am also completely aware that some days will be like that, but for the sanity of my kids, my husband, and myself-we can't do that.
i suspect this little word going to work nicely, and cause a little less grey hair and haggered looking faces (mainly on me).
have a great weekend.
~chat soon!

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