Wednesday, February 24, 2016


so yesterday, February 23 in 2002.  we made the biggest, boldest, promises of our lives.
at the darling ages of 23 and 25 we said I DO in front of what felt like a million people.
it was an amazing day.  simply amazing.
since then, so much has changed, yet so much has stayed the same. as cliche as it sounds -i love him more then the first day i was named MRS.

here are some photos of snapshots from the day.
i love the funny side of most of these shots!

grandparents-so handsome and beautiful that day

my third grade class.  they were the most precious thing to see.

i'm not sure what was said-but it was something i thought was appalling and hysterical.

two of my favorite ladies

best sister and brother in law!


these two married off both their daughters in a six month time span.  i can't imagine how exhausted, and broke they were!

can't spill crab dip on your wedding dress!

loved our cake.

~chat soon!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

welp. that was a first.

last week anne turned 11.  ELEVEN.
i still can't hardly discuss that.  ELEVENYEARSOLD.
anyway, she started talking this fall already about wanting a sleepover.
i went into mom mode-
1. ignore idea
2. talk around idea
3. accept there was no way i was going to talk her out of this idea
4. start planning

anne is a planner.  she likes things her own way.
apparently, she got that from me.

overall the party went off without a hitch.
anne and i had a few hiccups with what she thought was supposed to happen, and what her very uncool mother was doing...
but we figured it out.

kate invited a friend for the night as well.  her little bestie.  they are two peas in a pod.  that was a great idea in theory-but the big sister, thought they were nothing but a bother. ;)

it was absolutley exhausting.
but the girls were perfect.
they didn't stay up too late.
anne loved having her friends here.
and we got them all too church-with time to spare!
adam and i were giving mental high fives to each other the whole time!!

sweet julia.

kate's friend cami joined the fun

good friend libby

Holland and Anne have gotten to be great buds this year.

they are growing up....

the little ones let me bowl with them. :)

photo booth hysteria

So this was Sunday-the day after the night before....

she yawned during the singing of Happy Birthday-HA!

~chat soon!

Monday, February 15, 2016


so january 27 came and went.
anne was super sick the night before with a fever-and 5th grade drama because she was missing THE BEST WEEK OF THE YEAR!  (Lutheran Schools Week). it was a super bummer-but by morning there was no way she could go to school.
adam made a great dinner-anne was to sick to sit at the table.
by the end of the evening-adam was starting to not feel so great.
it was just kind of one of those days...
we took two pics-both turned out blurry.
it really was just a hysterically comical day.

anne finally recovered from her fever (the NEXT tuesday)
adam, while miserable, did okay even if he did have a man cold. ;)

apparently-we need to restock the candles, this worked well though.

super blurry.  but still in love with it-kate is such a sweetheart.