Wednesday, February 24, 2016


so yesterday, February 23 in 2002.  we made the biggest, boldest, promises of our lives.
at the darling ages of 23 and 25 we said I DO in front of what felt like a million people.
it was an amazing day.  simply amazing.
since then, so much has changed, yet so much has stayed the same. as cliche as it sounds -i love him more then the first day i was named MRS.

here are some photos of snapshots from the day.
i love the funny side of most of these shots!

grandparents-so handsome and beautiful that day

my third grade class.  they were the most precious thing to see.

i'm not sure what was said-but it was something i thought was appalling and hysterical.

two of my favorite ladies

best sister and brother in law!


these two married off both their daughters in a six month time span.  i can't imagine how exhausted, and broke they were!

can't spill crab dip on your wedding dress!

loved our cake.

~chat soon!

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