Monday, February 15, 2016


so january 27 came and went.
anne was super sick the night before with a fever-and 5th grade drama because she was missing THE BEST WEEK OF THE YEAR!  (Lutheran Schools Week). it was a super bummer-but by morning there was no way she could go to school.
adam made a great dinner-anne was to sick to sit at the table.
by the end of the evening-adam was starting to not feel so great.
it was just kind of one of those days...
we took two pics-both turned out blurry.
it really was just a hysterically comical day.

anne finally recovered from her fever (the NEXT tuesday)
adam, while miserable, did okay even if he did have a man cold. ;)

apparently-we need to restock the candles, this worked well though.

super blurry.  but still in love with it-kate is such a sweetheart.

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