Wednesday, April 25, 2012



love the tounge

proud of herself.
tonight was the first night of swim lessons. it was soooo cute. 
kate has never had lessons. so that was a really big deal for her.
they had the same time, and the same lesson. big stuff.
pictures are cruddy....but i wasn't really expecting to want to take pictures. 
~chat soon.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


that probably is not the best title of a post. but that is what i feel like.
short term memory....full.
long term memory. unnecessary at this point.
just full.  it's that time of year.
anne is wrapping up her school year. there are field trips, scouting events, swim lesson starting, ball practice, ball games...make the hamster wheel STOP.
i am wrapping up my school year.  holding on to the idea that i made it through the first year of changed, semi unscathed.  wanting to make it memorable for my 2nd grade family...again.stop.the.hamster.wheel....
tonight my friend, michelle and i went to a 'photography class'. it was taught by a lady that i am sure is a great photographer but not such a hot educator.  no big deal. but feel bad for being away from my family for no good reason, but to take a deep breath. and now that i read it. maybe that was a God send....

my online photog class is going good.
this past week one thing i was supposed to capture was 'discarded furniture'.  in the suburbs that isn't seen too often.  you will never believe what i saw last night....a neighbor that threw out 3 couches and a head board.  and a rear tine tiller (that my husband walked home this evening...i digress) unfortunately, i can not get myself to take the picture. i decided...if it's there tomorrow, i will do it. and explain if i have to. but tonight, i couldn't.  i'm a wuss.  it's okay. i admit it. 

here are some shots i took over the past 3 weeks.  just random.  this class is more about catching the moment, and the feeling....i think i nailed it on a couple.

grubby nails, yummy clementines, funky plate. hello fun!

just joy. sweet kate enjoying a kiwi. love it.

writing a list....

fruit in a hand.

just funky. adam said...are you seriously taking a pic of mosquito larva? i said, you don't see the SKY IN THE WAGON!?  he just shook his head...

reminds me of summer.

gonna print this and hang in my classroom next year.



catching some spring fun on the side of the van...

think i need to frame this.

and this too. something innocent, just melts my heart. 

~chat soon!
*not because i'm bragging, but just wanted to say....all pictures are straight from camera. this chick has no time for is what it is!*

Saturday, April 21, 2012

hello weekend.

glad your here.
just a fun picture of kate.
have a great saturday.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


this weekend was busy.
it was dance recital weekend.
we are involved in a VERY low key dance class.
which i am thankful for.
i could NOT handle competitions, multi night dance recitals, 200 dollar costumes.
my girls would simply miss out. 

anne is a dance that time for smiles.

kate spent a lot of time making sure the others were doing what she was doing....

high fives!

she was so excited she could hardly handle herself.

someone once said. 'i think you and adam look alike'. i was appalled.  i look at this picture and say. "i think adam and i look alike."  gasp.  we have been together too long!
i'm glad we have our puny little class with the sweet little recital.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

still learning....

so the last post was about the internet photog class.
this post is too.
each week we are invited on a 'treasure hunt'.  i thought it was a little silly at first.  now i think it's fun.
there are 6-10 different prompts to pick from. 
today i chose...
a mess.
a riot of color (isn't that fun to say?)
and something you love.
this is what i snapped.
a mess

a mess

riot of color

riot of color

my the rearview mirror.  that's what i love.                    

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


so today, i started an on line photography course. 
i'm so excited.
each day is something new for 6 weeks ( i think).
it is reminding me how much i love to use my camera.
today's assignment was to use the 'magic hour' of light.  (the hour before sunset)
it's a beautiful kind of light.  today was chilly, so i didn't stay out long.  
here is what i got.  nothing great.  but i thought they were fun.
love taking pictures of the late day sun through things....albeit a little rough on the retinas.  YIKES!

sweet, sweet honeysuckle

to be 7 again....

just thought it was fun. and simple.

again. to be 7....