Monday, April 9, 2012


the saturday before easter is otherwise known as egg decorating day.
adam and i switched cars today for mulch reasons.
he took my car to the office and left me with his.  that's fine.  it was filled with mulch.  i spread it all. no big deal.
but. he had my car. which had my camera.
we can't dye eggs without my camera.
so i called adam.  at the office.  i said, 'call right back and say that you wanted to watch the girls dye eggs.'....this is what he says....'uhhhhh....' i said, you know you want to.  throw me a life vest would you?'  he caught on.  and called right back.  even threw in the key word...nap.  love him sometimes.

so.  he came home.  i got my camera.  and we dyed eggs...while he mowed the lawn. (he was going to do it tomorrow but i said, 'we eat at 5pm most folks eat at 12 or 1pm.  mow the grass tonight.)  he did.  and now i don't have to worry about easter eggs ending up in our lawn, that weren't ours. (because they were chucked at adam while the families were trying to enjoy a quiet easter dinner)

here are the pictures.  as they are.  no editing. just absolute inncoence.  some of them are just too much.  kate was so into it this year.  anne, was ticked. most of the time for one reason or another..that's life.  i have 2 girls.  at some point during the day someone is mad about something.  and i'm okay with that.

guess what?  my favorite!

~chat soon.
after looking at the pictures again...anne didn't show her cranky-ness in the pictures as much as i had thought.  she has quite a picture of how things are supposed to turn out.  major disappointment for her, if it doesn't match the good ol' mental picture....

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