Saturday, September 26, 2015


i've always said 'i'll never be one of those moms that are running like a chicken with her head off to get to sports games/practices.'

guess what-it happened. this year.  i don't love it. but i love watching the girls...

anne has begun volleyball-it is so fun!  it's serious.  3 practices/games a week-but the team who has really never played organized volleyball is really coming along.  we just finished a two day tournament.  they played good.  they did not win, but their spirits were singing.

i'm really proud of anne.  she hasn't proven to be a star in any organized sport.  but in volleyball she is strong, confident, and just as cool as a cucumber.  serving still proves to be twitchy...but there is always areas of improvement
here it comes!

each game begun with prayer-we have two teams for 5th grade-we played each other in the tournament!

go time

sorry for the blur.  sports photog i am NOT.
then we have kate.  kate the great! ;)
she started soccer this year-she is two years behind in experience-but i have to admit-that girl is a scrappy little player.
today she ran the ball all the way to the goal-everyone was yelling GOOOOOO KATE---I looked up and was like OHMYGOSH THAT's KATE!  sadly-there was a goalie there.  :)  but boy was that fun to watch!
she doesn't let much get past her and even as square as she is is pretty quick on her feet.
we really love watching her play.

as busy and exhausting as this week was-we just had a blast.
so thankful to be around loving families and watch our kids grow together!

chat soon!

Friday, September 11, 2015


so. today marks the 9/11.

honestly, I was kinda hoping to skip right over the day.
we were at piano lessons last night.  Anne Clara was doodling away on a note pad. I was correcting papers...she  Mr. A showed us a  video about 9/11.....watcha know about that?
my heart folded.  my stomach knotted.  I squared myself and said calmly....."what do you know about that Anne?"
she stated the absolute bare bone facts. and then had lots of questions....will it happen again? are we strong enough?  why did they do that?  what did we do wrong? 
I defaulted to.....hey. let's talk about this when we get wants to chat too.....
she responded....WILL IT HAPPEN AGAIN?!



hello?  anyone?  what does a mom say? 

mom says....I hope not.  and we have to trust in God. 

Anne says-  BUT I want to know.....will THEY do it again?

mom says- we will absolutely keep you safe.

and that was it.....sometimes being an adult is just not the most fun thing in the world. 
I wasn't trying to HIDE anything from sweet Anne-just want to keep her protected from all of that stuff. 

~chat soon!