Friday, September 11, 2015


so. today marks the 9/11.

honestly, I was kinda hoping to skip right over the day.
we were at piano lessons last night.  Anne Clara was doodling away on a note pad. I was correcting papers...she  Mr. A showed us a  video about 9/11.....watcha know about that?
my heart folded.  my stomach knotted.  I squared myself and said calmly....."what do you know about that Anne?"
she stated the absolute bare bone facts. and then had lots of questions....will it happen again? are we strong enough?  why did they do that?  what did we do wrong? 
I defaulted to.....hey. let's talk about this when we get wants to chat too.....
she responded....WILL IT HAPPEN AGAIN?!



hello?  anyone?  what does a mom say? 

mom says....I hope not.  and we have to trust in God. 

Anne says-  BUT I want to know.....will THEY do it again?

mom says- we will absolutely keep you safe.

and that was it.....sometimes being an adult is just not the most fun thing in the world. 
I wasn't trying to HIDE anything from sweet Anne-just want to keep her protected from all of that stuff. 

~chat soon!

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