Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fun fact...

16 years ago TODAY, Adam asked me 'out'. I remember it like it was yesterday...I was making Apple Strudel with my mom for my German class and he was getting ready to chaperon his brother trick or treating!

My mom asked me 'where we were going...' OH MOM! Had to explain it was just a 'term'.

Isn't this picture hysterical? It was Homecoming of 1993. Two weeks prior to becoming 'official boyfriend/girlfriend.'

We've come a long way since then.
It's been a great trip!
Love you, Bud!

~chat soon!
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Friday, October 30, 2009

Alert the press...

Attention! Attention! The germs have left the building! Alleluia! Anne-before/during germs Anne- germ free
Kate-before/during germs Kate-germ free

~chat soon!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A great plan...

So Saturday my favorite (and only) sister and niece and soon to be niece/nephew came in town. Sunday was our dad and Kate's birthday.

We had fun stuff planned and if nothing else were just going to spend a good amount of time together.

Sunday, we spent the afternoon at the Children's Garden at Missouri Botanical Gardens, it was sooo much fun.
EXCEPT-Anne was a total WHACK JOB.
I mean BAD. She was running around, wouldn't listen, STEPPING ON THE PLANTS (gasp!). So much so, that I had to pull her aside by the arm pit and give her the t.a.l.k. (you know the one, through gritted teeth...)

We still had a great time...

By the evening, I knew-along with everyone else, Anne was not feeling well.
She came down with a fever and by morning was sick as a dog.
5 days later, I still have not been back to work, she still has a fever and so does Kate. Oh, let me not forget, Ellen (my niece) is at Grandma's with a fever as well...

Poor Susan. She came home for a visit, to enjoy family, and the beautiful fall we are having...

she got a sick kid, sick nieces, and rain, almost the entire visit. But in true Heeszel fashion, we just keep giggling...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

fabulous fall... if you live anywhere near st. louis, probably anywhere in the midwest, or possibly the nation, you have been w.e.t. there is no getting around it.

frankly, it has been a miserable month, rain wise. but i have to say, that i think the cool temps and rain have created the most BEAUTIFUL autumn i have seen in a very long time. (possibly in all my years)

HOLY MOLY! check out what i stumbled upon this weekend...

~chat soon!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Kate

Turn up the volume on your computer and hit the arrow to view.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Birthday Eve...

So, I have a confession...

My children's birthdays are emotional for me. I am usually a mess. I'm not sure why.

I do my best to hide it and more often then not, I do a fine job. I don't think it is because I'm sappy about them 'getting older' or me 'getting older', I just think it is bittersweet. I so vividly remember holding them for the first time, feeding them, changing them, tending to their every need (whether is was necessary or not) worrying myself sick, and each year I have to let go just a little more. It is a good thing, a GREAT thing, but it is hard to watch.

Tomorrow is Kate's second birthday. We celebrated her birthday with family and friends last weekend, so tomorrow should be good, easier.

On a brighter note, the pictures are from her fantastic party last weekend. It was great to be with friends and family and celebrate a great thing, our Kate.

Party Pics

People have been cranky about the lack of pictures from Kate's birthday party. Here are a few to wet some whistles. :) I liked these the best.

~Chat soon!
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Friday, October 23, 2009

my sentiments exactly!

This was Kate last week when she was recouping from an ear infection.

She looks pitiful.

I kind of feel that is how I look.

Emotionally, not physically.

It's been a busy, tiring, week, filled with drama.
I have noted before I am NOT a lover of drama.
Never have been, never will be.

I'm so thankful it is the weekend.
Susan heads home with Ellen (we'll miss you Doug!)
The girls are so excited.
Kate turns 2. My dad turns 61-lots of cake to eat!
I'm painting the laundry room.

Nothing like a new coat of paint to change your perspective.
LOTS to be thankful for.

~Chat soon!

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Sunday, October 18, 2009


Nothing better...

...the blue sky on a crisp fall day

...pig tails-even crooked ones

.....little fairies running through the kitchen

....squeals and dancing in the family room

~chat soon

*today, these pictures get me choked up...the good kind of teary-eyed. the kind that you have to pinch yourself to give a reminder that this is all yours! -its' okay if you're thinking it...i know i'm NUTS! :)*

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Something's Cooking...

Mixer is turning...
Dips are made...

Brisket is baking...

Beans are cooking...

Salad is chilling...

Cake balls are ready

Curlers are in!
Kate's birthday party is today! Stay tuned for more fun! :)
~chat soon!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Magic House Madness

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of accompanying Anne and her preschool class to the Magic House. I would have had a TON more pictures BUT I forgot to check my battery pack the night before and about 25 clicks in, the thing went dead. I tell ya! Anyway, the few I got where good. Anne loved that I got to go, she loved being there, she loved introducing me to her friends, she loves life. What more can you ask for?

~Chat soon!
* I have a lot more to add to the story of the morning of the Magic House, but my to-do list is calling my name...*
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Monday, October 12, 2009


Ever have one of those days??

...put two different socks on-and didn't know it
....had an unknown split in the seat of my pants-and didn't know it
.....suffered a mild heart attack when i looked down and saw that my wedding ring wasn't on my finger-i never take it off, slipped my mind that it is headed to the jeweler for a little repair
......husband calls and thinks he is still dying from a bug he has caught

and here is the kicker.....

........ended the day by inadvertently calling 911,while trying to call another classroom, on the school phone. luckily, i convinced the nice dispatcher that there was no need to send any help, we were all fine. a little explanation to the principal and secretary and we were good to go.

i'm finding it all quite humorous! :)

~chat soon!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Good Eats!

If you are in any way close to the state of Missouri, you will know that it has been raining NONSTOP for a good TWO DAYS. I love a good Ole rainy day. Just O.N.E.! BUT, it is fall in the Show Me State, and along with fall comes a little soggy-ness.

To help chase the rainy day blues, I made some comfort food, and then played with my camera. Really did brighten the day a tad!

On the menu...
Rachel Ray's Chicken Noodle Soup, (soup-er easy AND soup-er yummy!)
Pumpkin-Oatmeal Cream Cookies from a new blog I found called
Cookie Monday's. Check it out, they taste GREAT. (disclaimer-don't let the word 'pumpkin' deter you...they taste more spicy then pumpkin-y so give 'em a whirl!) *I also just realized that the author said she would have added pumkin puree to the filling if she would have had it...I didn't do it either, which in fact would have made them even more scrumptious! :) sounds like I need to try some more tomorrow!*

Another disclaimer--my cookies did NOT flatten like the original baker's cookies did. Don't know why...but they were still delicious! :)

Here's hoping for just a peek of the sun tomorrow!

~Chat soon!
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Wednesday, October 7, 2009



For better, for worse
For richer, for poorer
In sickness and in health
To love and to cherish

Happy 37th anniversary mom and dad.
We love you.
You have taught us so much!
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Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Today, I am thinking...
*Kate cracks me up-she woke up this morning saying "Knock! Knock!" (as in a knock-knock joke)
*Anne makes my heart swell, especially when we are walking up the stairs to go to bed and she blurts out..."I LOVE YOU AS BIG AS THE SUN!"
*Adam makes me think that I live in a world too good to be true.
*I have a busy week, but am sooo looking forward to the weekend with my parents in 'the country'. (i think we need to figure out a better name, Mom! :) )
*I don't or no one else in my house gets the terrible stuff that is going around school. (rumor's the PIG FLU!)
*I can't wait for Susan and Ellen to come home in a few short weeks. I can't wait to see her baby bump!
*I really need to conjur up the fairy costume that I have created in my head for Anne's Halloween costume, before it is the day before! ;)
*I have a good life.

~Chat soon!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Walk

Today was The Walk for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. I thought it was going to be hard. I have had type 1 diabetes since I have been 7 years old (I'm 32 now, so you can figure it out...I'm not so hot at math) and have never participated in a walk for the JDRF before. I was really scared that I would be sad, or emotional. It was the exact opposite of feelings. I was overwhelmed with happiness realizing that ALL these people are supporting people like me. The outpouring of support I had for our team from family and friends was overwhelming as well. If you were a supporter, thank you!

The pictures aren't spectacular, but they give an idea of what it was like. It was a beautiful day today. Please plan on joining our team next year, my goal is to have 20 walkers, so think about it! If you can't make next year, don't worry, you can do it the following year. I think this will be a yearly event for the Wedel's, until we are walking to celebrate that a CURE IS FOUND!

Happy Sunday!
~Chat soon!