Tuesday, April 22, 2014

oh boy...

adam told me on Thursday he really, really wanted to surprise the girls with chicks for easter. 
I didn't like the idea.
I said he was nuts.
he said that we wouldn't keep them.
they would go to a friends house to live once they had feathers.
you all know how I feel about birds.
Friday, I was shopping like a crazy lady for easter dinner etc.
he calls and wants to know where I am.
well, at the store.
he tells me he has FIVE CHICKS TO SHOW THE GIRLS.
again, I say, you know how I feel about birds.
he is in the process of building a COOP.
I could croak.  but I will admit, they are cute.
and I do LOVE eggs.
but ohmygosh!
i'm out of my comfort zone in every way.shape.and.FORM!

meet Rosie

this is either princess or peep-can't tell in the picture

this is star.

this is cheep.

kate LOVES them

they are oddly fun.  i'm not sold on them yet.  but willing to at least smile when I see them.

Monday, April 21, 2014


Here is a little recap of our weekend.
It was the most beautiful weekend we have had in a long time.  AND it was Easter weekend!
It was just perfect.  PERFECT I tell you....
Now it's Monday-Anne is home sick from school, I'm off anyway today-so it's kind of a ho hum day...BUT looking at the pictures from the weekend make me smile!
mom saw tulips and said QUICK GET OUT-LETS TAKE A PHOTO!

Easter Eggs-travagnza at the church where the girls go to school


goof ball

who doesn't love a balloon drop!

waiting to hunt

the cousins

my two bunnies

Easter morning pic.

Sunday, April 20, 2014


it's been a wonderful weekend.
I have lots to share.
but I like this photo the best. ;)

just love these girls....
chat soon!

Monday, April 14, 2014


our anniversary was almost TWO MONTHS AGO and I am just now getting around to this.
we went to Hermann, MO for the weekend.  We have done that before.
it's a wonderful little town. 
we had a wonderful little time.
the weather was great.
the town had an event that weekend so it was busier then normal, but we had a great time. 
we always do. 
love that guy.
12 years strong....

thought this was so cute.  the names rhyme! :)

the weekend of selfies started with this one. ;)

then this one.

and then this one.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

sprucing the place up

we have had this GINORMOUS mailbox in front of our house for several years. (7 but who is counting)  it was big, and ugly, and I seriously hated it every time I saw it.
recently, it had a little run in with a vehicle and was on it's last leg.  sometimes the dear mail carrier would knock it off, and it would lay in the yard.  sometimes the wind blew and it would fly into the yard.  it really was just an irritating subject with me. 

my parents gave us a new mailbox 2 years ago for a birthday gift. (see here)  and it sat in the garage. 
a few weeks ago on the first warm day we had experienced, adam took the girls outside and they put the mailbox up. 

thank the LORD!
 it was fun to watch them work together and paint the stand. 
after reading this post-it is very clear that I may live the most boring life in the world. ;)

Thursday, April 10, 2014


Just an average day (or two) here at our house.
Total goofballs. And I love it!