Sunday, April 13, 2014

sprucing the place up

we have had this GINORMOUS mailbox in front of our house for several years. (7 but who is counting)  it was big, and ugly, and I seriously hated it every time I saw it.
recently, it had a little run in with a vehicle and was on it's last leg.  sometimes the dear mail carrier would knock it off, and it would lay in the yard.  sometimes the wind blew and it would fly into the yard.  it really was just an irritating subject with me. 

my parents gave us a new mailbox 2 years ago for a birthday gift. (see here)  and it sat in the garage. 
a few weeks ago on the first warm day we had experienced, adam took the girls outside and they put the mailbox up. 

thank the LORD!
 it was fun to watch them work together and paint the stand. 
after reading this post-it is very clear that I may live the most boring life in the world. ;)

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