Sunday, February 5, 2012

memory lane...

for my birthday, we went to my parents.
it is a tradition, for the most part...we go eat dinner, and cake, a few presents. just a good old time in the comfort of my childhood home.
this year my aunt and uncle were there along with sweet cousin annie.
we all gathered around for the gift opening.  the last gift, mom said...this is for you and adam.
i opened it....
it was a mailbox.
made sense.  ours was hit a while back and we need to put up a new one.
i said thanks and kind of moved on.
mom said 'you have to open it...on this side.
okay then.
so i did...i figured it would be filled with a prank.
i opened the package and then the mailbox...
it was filled with MAIL.
at first i thought it was returned mail, or notes from highschool.
i had no idea.
i then realized i recognized a lot of the return address...
mom some how organized a card party.
she contacted 35 or so of my friends from the present and past and asked them to write a little something and send it to mom and dad.
i couldn't believe it.
i got a little teary, so i said something probably inappropriate, to make people laugh and slammed the mailbox shut.
we got home and i tore into the envelopes.
i really couldn't have asked for a more touching gift.
i heard from people i haven't heard from in close to 15 years.
some where funny, some where tearful, some poked fun, some where reminders of days that had come and gone.
if you were in on the card sending....thank you.
thank you to my momma.  it was the best gift-ever.
here is the box...filled with cards, flip flops, pictures, mcdonalds souvenirs...coolest thing ever!

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