Friday, February 3, 2012


wednesday evening, i was driving the girls home.
we were coming from choir practice for anne.
i was making small talk, trying to curb arguing between the sisters...
so, anne, how was your lunch?
a-good, it was great, i ate it all.
me-i forget, what did you have again?  was it hamburgers?
a-NOPE it was HORN DOGS.  theyweresogoodsogoodsogood....i think they are kind of like little dolls wrapped in blankets.
me*things are fuzzy....why are they serving HORNDOGS in the cafeteria at anne's school.*  oh. well, i'm glad you liked them...what did you say they were again.
kate-you know mommy, CORNDOGS
me-right. yep. you're exactly right.
sometimes i can't believe the stuff that happens to me.
happy friday.

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