Saturday, February 11, 2012

the birthday week.

anne had a full week this week of birthday celebration.
she was pleased.
today is her 'friend party'.
it will cap off the birthday week.   :)

anne's request from mee-maw...a peace sign cake.

who the heck is this big girl?

a thermos for her lunchbox.  love!

she can read now.

so excited.

not even too scared to take the candles out.

her real birthday

waiting to open gifts

walkie talkies. dad's idea. a hit.

how to draw books

a big girl sweater, she said

new lunchbox

walkies and a set of binoculars. (they both work! kate is in love too!)

all there? over!

dad made the ice cream sandwhich and squirt can cream with ice cream scoop 7 cake!

she thought he was the best


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