Monday, February 27, 2012

anne's party....

this is waaaaay overdue.
we have just had some things going on....and i kind of forgot that i hadn't posted it.
this had to be one of my favorite parties so far.
we had it a candy shoppe. i went into the whole thing complelty blind. i had never even been to the place.
i booked it. made some choices of what we wanted to do. held my breath, croosed my fingers (and toes), said a prayer, and went.
it was perfect.
the theme was a tea party.
they played games, drank real tea, then drank sugar water 'tea', went to 'buy' candy from the shoppe from their winnings from their games, and then had their cake.
the cutest thing...each girl got a 'cake ball' with a candle.
the host told the girls that they were to each make a wish for anne when they blew out the candle.
the party was over, we were heading home. i looked into the review mirror and anne was in deep thought.
i asked if she was okay....
anne says, yes, i am just wondering what all THEIR WISHES WERE!
too stinkin' cute.
~chat soon!
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  1. That is so adorable! What a lovely birthday for Anne. :) Where is this place?